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  • Antarctica

    02/24/2011 | Amateur Radio Quiz: Polar Pursuits. The VP8ORK ... Polar expeditions and stations have been a big part of ham radio lore since the days of Admira Learn More

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    09/23/2010 | The Amateur Amateur: Musings from a Hamfest. Yawn! Where am I ... 09/22/2010 | Amateur Radio Quiz: In the Here and Now. The last quiz took a ... Learn More

  • thanksgiving dinner

    11/13/2013 | TV Show Featuring Fictional Ham Sparks Crop of New Hams. The " Last Man ... 11/26/2008 | Amateur Radio Quiz: Watts In a Name? Nothing is ... Learn More

  • Ward Silver

    10/15/2014 | Young Ham Recognized for Navigation Aid for Visually Impaired. A young radio ... 10/06/2012 | Amateur Radio Quiz: Ham Horizons. Part 97.1 ... Learn More

  • 2

    Feature. 04/03/2013 | Amateur Radio Quiz: Your Days Are Numbered. Worse than the dreaded “word problem,” this April quiz is full of backward problems where ... Learn More

  • CQ Contest

    Feature. 09/02/2012 | Amateur Radio Quiz: Contest Season Refresher. The fall and winter months are packed with contests for every taste: DX, domestic, ... Learn More

  • International DX Contest

    09/02/2012 | Amateur Radio Quiz: Contest Season Refresher. The fall and ... Shake off a little rust with this quiz and get ready to put some QSOs in the log. Learn More

  • Yukon Territory

    A ham operating remotely from South America scored a "Clean Sweep" in the recent ARRL November ... 04/02/2009 | Amateur Radio Quiz: Stating the Obvious . Learn More

  • Yagi Antenna

    03/02/2009 | Amateur Radio Quiz: The Yagi Antenna. It's a rare ham, indeed, that has not been exposed to the Yagi antenna design at one point or another in his ... Learn More