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  • Amateur Radio Quiz: From One End to the Other

    12/08/2009. H. Ward Silver, N0AX ARRL Contributing Editor. At the bottom of the solar cycle during the month of the winter solstice, there are two contests that span the limits of our MF/HF spectrum. The ARRL 160 Meter Contest ran last weekend and conditions were expected to be excellent. The other is the ARRL 10 Meter ... Learn More

  • Amateur Radio Quiz: A Spare Hour's Entertainment

    11/03/2008. 1) If an amplifier would increase your power output from 50 W to 500 W, while a new tribander would add 4 dB of forward gain over your existing dipole, with which would your signal be louder? 2) Will a fan rated at 0.5 cubic meters per minute be able to cool a tube that needs 20 cubic feet per minute? 3) The ac ... Learn More

  • Amateur Radio Quiz: Coming Soon to a Band Near You!

    10/16/2011. By H. Ward Silver, N0AX On the last full weekend of every October (that would be October 29-30 for 2011), thousands of hams go pileup to pileup, trying to fill their logs with exotic treats from every corner of the globe! Instead of yelling, “Trick or Treat!” they must instead give their call signs and CQ ... Learn More

  • Search for Amateur Radio News

    11/13/2013 | TV Show Featuring Fictional Ham Sparks Crop of New Hams. The " Last Man Standing" TV show will feature a ham radio episode. Learn More. Feature. 11/26/2008 | Amateur Radio Quiz: Watts In a Name? Nothing is what it seems, it seems as you shall see in this quiz, bursting at the seams with unseemly seas ... Learn More

  • Amateur Radio News

    06/09/2010 | Amateur Radio Quiz: Game, Set, Match! Impedance matching is a function performed many times in every radio and every radio shack. Sometimes it's done inside a circuit and out of sight. Sometimes an automatic tuning unit clicks its way to unity SWR. And sometimes we just twiddle knobs or futz. Learn More. Learn More

  • Search for Amateur Radio News

    Feature. 12/06/2010 | Amateur Radio Quiz: For Auld Acquaintance. Here at the end of the year, it's customary to remember those who have gone before us. This quiz acknowledges events and individuals that shaped ham radio. For those of you who are new to the hobby, here are some great topics to research online and  ... Learn More

  • Amateur Radio Quiz: Assault'n Batteries

    10/28/2009. 1) What causes the terminal voltage of a battery to drop under load? a. ennui b. internal resistance c. contact delamination d. electromigration. 2) Who invented the first electrochemical cell? a. Volta b. Voltaire c. Volare d. Voldemort. 3) What's the difference between a battery and a cell? a. Cells are only found in ... Learn More

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    07/08/2010 | Can I Have Amateur Radio for $1000, Alex?: Young Amateur Makes Her Mark on Jeopardy! For hams who are fans of the television quiz show Jeopardy -- where contestants have to answer in the form of a question -- the July 6 show was a real treat: Andrea Salt, KE7OPV, of Gilbert, Arizona, was a contestant. Learn More

  • Amateur Radio News

    05/17/2013 | Former QST Managing Editor Joel Kleinman, N1BKE (SK), Inducted into CQ Amateur Radio Hall of Fame. CQ magazine announced its 2013 Hall of Fame inductees on May 17 ... 05/15/2013 | Amateur Radio Quiz: Vintage Radios -- Such a Bargain! Who can resist taking a long look at the vintage veterans sitting ... Learn More

  • Amateur Radio Quiz: Calculation Calisthenics

    05/01/2009. 1) What is the reactance of a 0.001 µF capacitor at 60 Hz? 1 kHz? 1.82 MHz? 2) The free-space wavelength of a 146.34 MHz signal is how many meters? Feet? Inches? Centimeters? 3) In order to keep your self-supporting tower upright at the maximum expected wind-load, you need a base that weighs 15000 ... Learn More