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  • Amateur Radio Quiz: Assault'n Batteries

    10/28/2009. 1) What causes the terminal voltage of a battery to drop under load? a. ennui b. internal resistance c. contact delamination d. electromigration. 2) Who invented the first electrochemical cell? a. Volta b. Voltaire c. Volare d. Voldemort. 3) What's the difference between a battery and a cell? a. Cells are only found in ... Learn More

  • Search for Amateur Radio News

    07/08/2010 | Can I Have Amateur Radio for $1000, Alex?: Young Amateur Makes Her Mark on Jeopardy! For hams who are fans of the television quiz show Jeopardy -- where contestants have to answer in the form of a question -- the July 6 show was a real treat: Andrea Salt, KE7OPV, of Gilbert, Arizona, was a contestant. Learn More

  • Amateur Radio Quiz: Calculation Calisthenics

    05/01/2009. 1) What is the reactance of a 0.001 µF capacitor at 60 Hz? 1 kHz? 1.82 MHz? 2) The free-space wavelength of a 146.34 MHz signal is how many meters? Feet? Inches? Centimeters? 3) In order to keep your self-supporting tower upright at the maximum expected wind-load, you need a base that weighs 15000 ... Learn More

  • Amateur Radio Quiz: What Kind of Tool Am I?

    08/31/2009. 1) Which tool is used to trim wire leads flush with a circuit board? a. shear b. side cutters c. gas pliers d. compound snips. 2) Which is most likely to have a "T handle"? a. soldering iron b. crimping tool c. reamer d. flat file. 3) Which type of tool family has a "Double D" member? a. punches b. drills c. saws Learn More

  • Amateur Radio News

    Feature. 01/29/2013 | Amateur Radio Quiz: A Log of dBs. If there is a single unit of measurement beyond volts and amps that can be considered nearly ubiquitous in ham radio, it would have to be our friend, the dee-bee or dB. Key to computing values in dB is the logarithm, so this quiz also combines the two -- Learn More. Learn More

  • Find an Amateur Radio License Exam in Your Area

    Find an Amateur Radio License Exam in Your Area. OPTIMIZE YOUR SEARCH: Less information entered in the search fields will return more information in the list. The more specific the search criteria, the less information returned. Zip Code searches can use the mileage range in the drop-down menu. NOTE: If no listings  ... Learn More

  • National Association for Amateur Radio Website Search

    Results 73 - 80 of 10800 ... 02/24/2013 | Amateur Radio Quiz: Book 'Em! The great tradition of self- learning and mutual education is alive and well at the outset of Amateur Radio's second century. The success of that tradition leans heavily on the books -- and now websites -- of amateurs willing to share their radio know-how. Learn More

  • Amateur Radio News

    09/02/2012 | Amateur Radio Quiz: Contest Season Refresher. The fall and winter months are packed with contests for every taste: DX, domestic, single-band and specialty events of every stripe. Shake off a little rust with this quiz and get ready to put some QSOs in the log. Remember, too, if you're not a contest a. Learn More . Learn More

  • Amateur Radio News

    06/09/2010 | Amateur Radio Quiz: Game, Set, Match! Impedance matching is a function performed many times in every radio and every radio shack. Sometimes it's done inside a circuit and out of sight. Sometimes an automatic tuning unit clicks its way to unity SWR. And sometimes we just twiddle knobs or futz. Learn More. Learn More

  • Search for Amateur Radio News

    01/28/2009 | Amateur Radio Quiz: Here It Comes, Here It Is, There It Goes! We'll take satellite technology for the sheer fun of it! Let's do things backwards -- retrograde, as they say down at Kennedy Space Center -- as the questions become the answers. Or are they still questions and the answers are the questions? C Learn More