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  • Surfin': When Digital Was Cool

    01/18/2013. By Stan Horzepa, WA1LOU Contributing Editor. This week, Surfin' recalls the coolness of a technology that we now take for granted. On a recent visit to the website of regular Surfin' suggester Woody Woodward, K3VSA, an image of a Kenwood TS-520S transceiver brought back memories of the first time I ... Learn More

  • Surfin': A Thanksgiving Cornucopia

    11/16/2012. By Stan Horzepa, WA1LOU Contributing Editor. In honor of the holiday, Surfin' offers a ham radio horn of plenty. Maybe I need to get out more. Back in grade school, I remember images of cornucopia gracing the bulletin boards around the premises this time of year and I am sure that during art period, we drew a ... Learn More

  • Surfin': Open Source Ducks

    05/04/2012. By Stan Horzepa, WA1LOU Contributing Editor. This week, Surfin' rediscovers the wonders of open source software. I am trying to get my ducks all lined up for my annual trek to the Dayton Hamvention in less than two weeks. One duck in that line-up is PSR, the quarterly newsletter of TAPR. In addition to ... Learn More

  • Surfin': Spring Can't Come Quick Enough

    02/04/2011. By Stan Horzepa, WA1LOU Contributing Editor. This week, Surfin' visits websites with warmer weather in mind. Since the last week's Surfin', five additional inches of snow have fallen here for a total of 62 inches this winter, making it the worst winter snow-wise in my lifetime (and we have six weeks to go,  ... Learn More

  • Surfin': Where's Channel 1?

    12/24/2010. By Stan Horzepa, WA1LOU Contributing Editor. This week, Surfin' uncovers what really happened to broadcast television Channel 1. When debunking radio urban legends was the topic of discussion here two weeks ago, various readers wrote back about the deflation of the legend “Why isn't there a television ... Learn More

  • Surfin': Still Finding Where the Hams Are

    10/08/2010. By Stan Horzepa, WA1LOU Contributing Editor. This week, Surfin' checks out more online applications that reveal where the hams are in your neck of the woods. I received some e-mails in response to last week's Surfin' and AE6RT's Where the hams are Web page. A few like Mitch Wolfson, DJ0QN/K7DX,  ... Learn More

  • Surfin': Short Bits

    07/16/2010. By Stan Horzepa, WA1LOU Contributing Editor. This week, Surfin' is full of short stuff that is not big enough to be tall stuff. Ham Radio on Highway Patrol. “Radioactive," the ham radio episode of the 1955 television series Highway Patrol is now available for viewing on Hulu (thanks to Mark Thompson, WB9QZB, ... Learn More

  • Surfin': Radio Ghosts Revisited

    Oct 26, 2012 ... The original “Radio Ghosts” episode of Surfin' that appeared here nine years ago sparked Sverre's interest in LDEs. Since that time, he researched the subject and came up with “The Five Most Likely Explanations for Long Delayed Echoes” and “ 15 Possible Explanations for Long Delayed Echoes”. Learn More

  • Surfin': Discovering the Voice of America in Ohio

    08/06/2009. Over the years, I have traveled to Dayton to attend the Hamvention using varied routes and means. These days, those means are by land in my vehicle du jour, but in my youth, I flew to Dayton a few times via other routes. One route I took back in the 1980s was to fly to Cincinnati and drive a rental car 65 miles ... Learn More

  • Surfin': Buyin' Parts

    04/23/2010. By Stan Horzepa, WA1LOU Contributing Editor April 23, 2010. This week, Surfin' waxes nostalgic about buying radio parts at the local electronics emporium. When I was getting into ham radio in the late 1960s, there were two electronic parts stores in my hometown: Bond Radio and Lafayette Radio. Bond had ... Learn More