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  • The Amateur Amateur: Field Day 0.9

    07/27/2009. Two years ago Steve Wooten, KC0QMU, did a goodwill tour of several Field Day sites in St Louis County. Steve is the Emergency Coordinator of St Louis County ARES®. I tagged along, took some photos, got soaking wet (both from sweat and rain) and wrote about it in my column Field Day, an Etude in Three ... Learn More

  • The Amateur Amateur: Hammy-Grams

    Nov 24, 2009 ... But many radiograms have also been sent over land, often by Amateur Radio operators. Just remember that there was a time when not everyone had a telephone, and even those who did were loath to make a long-distance call. Telegraph Line. Long ago, the ARRL set up the National Traffic System (NTS) ... Learn More

  • The Amateur Amateur: Doing It in the Street

    Aug 21, 2008 ... I hadn't realized how difficult it would be to obtain them and wound up creating several of them myself. In particular, I completely revamped our St Louis County ARES flyer. I even cranked out a box full of Amateur Radio promo buttons for the occasion. In fact, I was so focused on the promotional material that ... Learn More

  • Leadership For the Amateur Radio Club

    Leadership For the Amateur Radio Club. By Norm Fusaro, W3IZ. ARRL Affiliated Club & Mentor Program Manager. Assistant Manager ARRL MVP Department. Congratulations! You have just been appointed to a leadership position of your Amateur Radio club. You may be on the board of directors or an officer of the club or ... Learn More

  • The Amateur Amateur: Musings from a Hamfest

    09/23/2010. By Gary Hoffman, KB0H Contributing Editor. Yawn! Where am I, anyway? I can't see half of the street signs until I'm almost past them. Why do all these hamfests start so early, anyway? Dawn is hours away. There's no one on the road except me. Oy! And those 50 other vendors who got here ahead of me and ... Learn More

  • The Amateur Amateur: A Soggy, Foggy, Doggy Demo in the Park

    10/22/2009. It was a harrowing trip, especially on the Interstate. Despite almost- zero visibility, many of the other drivers were blazing along at near-supersonic speeds. I didn't know whether their vehicles were equipped with radar or if they were simply insane. Either way, I kept my own speed down and drove white- knuckled ... Learn More

  • The Amateur Amateur: I Think Mine Is Missing a Piece

    Apr 28, 2013 ... Some years ago, my wife Nancy and I dabbled in putting together electronic kits. Our efforts weren't entirely successful, so we drifted on to other interests. Recently , an opportunity to return to kit building presented itself, and once again I found myself squinting at small electronic components, soldering iron ... Learn More

  • The Amateur Amateur: Diary of a Mad Ham's Wife

    08/20/2009. Stomp, stomp, stomp. It's not the stomping that concerns me so much as the ominous creaking. If he wants to spend his weekends on the roof, he had better start losing some weight. If he manages not to fall off the roof he may still come crashing through it. Up on the Roof. Thunk! Oh boy, I didn't like the sound of  ... Learn More

  • The Amateur Amateur: We're Having a Bad Transmitter Day

    The Amateur Amateur: We're Having a Bad Transmitter Day. TAGS: uhf repeaters . 03/28/2010. By Gary Hoffman, KB0H Contributing Editor March 28, 2010. I am one of several people who acts as the net controller for the weekly St Louis County ARES® phone net. The last time I had run the net had been a disaster. Learn More

  • The Amateur Amateur: One Man's Trash

    02/17/2009. Many years ago, long before I became an Amateur Radio operator, I was a member of a local police scanner enthusiasts' club. Our meetings were held in various members' homes. Often, someone had an old scanner or other obsolete item to sell and there would always, always be a buyer. Now, you have to ... Learn More