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2005 ARRL June VHF Contest

06/19/2005 | K7MDL/R I targeted 9 eastern Washington grids on a clockwise tour around the state border to see some new territory and activate some sparsely populated grids. I happen to be at a mountain top for each Es opening Saturday, and when the Aurora started on Sunday afternoon.

The weather was 76 degrees each afternoon, and 32 degrees and snowing at 5500ft Sunday morning. Lots of forest road traveled again. I really need some more ground clearance for those nasty cross ditches found on the near abandoned roads. Back to 76 and sunny in DN17 Sunday afternoon.

The Es caused me to fall behind my schedule Saturday, so I dropped a DN08 stop and was back on schedule by Sunday morning. I hit CN97 with the hang gliders, then DN07, CN98, DN08, DN18, DN17, DN16, DN06, CN96 for about 1000 miles this trip.

I ran on 50, 144, 222, 432, 903, 1296, and 10GHz bands as usual. Added a 50W 1296 amp this trip. 281Qs made and 9 grids activated for 3.56 miles per QSO. I think there is only a dozen or 2 VHF+ hams in eastern Washington, western Idaho, and NE Oregon. -- K7MDL