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2006 ARRL June VHF Contest

06/12/2006 | K0AWU "Contest Of A Lifetime"!

To have BOTH 6m and 2m Eskip of this magnitude during a contest is beyond what one would ever expect. The 6m Es were into EN37ed on Saturday from 18:00z- to 02:35z. The 2m Es first appeared on SoftRock based 2m panadaptor - receiver at 21:38z (K2BAR FN31 and lasted until 22:44 (N1VOR FN42).

On 2meters 50 stations and 16 grids all in NewEngland were worked via Es. 2m Es grid list: FN11,12,13,20,21,22,23,30,31,32,33,34,41,42,43,51.
The 6m Es activity covered 587 contacts in 140 grids.

VHF/UHF conditions seemed to be "flat" for the most part. Looking at the tropo grids on all bands, without the Es it would have been a poor June contest vrs "normal". Perhaps many of the area VHF/UHF operators were simply worn out from the activity. The only new high contest catagories were the number of grids, contacts worked on 6m and number of 2m contacts. All other indicators where down from a normal June contest.

After 51 years of weaksignal VHF/UHF operations, this contest was memorable for sure! My "Contest Of A Lifetime" score was FOUR times the total score of any of my previous contests.

Map credit to VQLog3.0 -- K0AWU