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2014 ARRL January VHF Contest

01/20/2014 | KP4MD

My last VHF contest operation was during the 70's winning the 1971 June VHF QSO NYC-LI Section award with low power vacuum tube AM equipment--a Knight-Kit TR-108 on 2 meters and Lafayette HA-460 on 6 meters.  This time I used all software defined radios: a Flex-3000 on 6 meters and a Flex-1500 driving transverters an Elecraft XV144 on 2m and DEMI L432-28HP on 70cm. Operating from an antenna restricted mobile home community near Sacramento required low profile antennas.  I used homebrew halo antennas for 6 and 2 meters and one non-rotatable 5 element 432 MHz Yagi aimed at the SF Bay area.  All antennas were less than 8 feet above the roof.  When phone didn't get through CW did. The score achieved surpassed all my expectations!   Dr. Carol Milazzo, KP4MD/6

Citrus Heights, CA CM98


  1. Carol, KP4MD at her operating position
  2. Homebrew stacked 2 meter halos and 5 element 70 cm Yagi
  3. Homebrew 6 meter halo antenna

I made 1st place in Sacramento Valley and 3rd place for the West Coast Region in the 3B category!

-- KP4MD