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2002 ARRL Field Day

07/25/2002 | KJ9D Hoosier DX and Contest Club KJ9D almost didn't do FD this year. A number of last minute cancellations gave some of our members fits, and to top it off we lost our "primo" FD site at 2 pm Friday. So in the true spirit of Field Day, we packed up the antennas, rigs, and the 60 foot aluminum tower and QSYed about ten miles to WO9Z's estate.
K8JP's truck (with Belize license plates)caught a few more glances than usual on the Indiana highways, as it was LLOADED with more stuff than Joe packs for his annual trip south.
The 60 foot aluminum tower went together well, but we needed the help of a tall tree and WO9Z's XYL at the wheel of her Grand Cherokee to stand it up... not once but twice, as the first time the tri-bander's rotor went all the way around to north ..... and then crapped out.

As it turned out, we had PLENTY of operators, and lots of unlicensed "GOTA" operators, to help the effort along.
Thanks to WO9Z and Jonni for their hospitality on such short notice. -- KJ9C