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2018 ARRL 10 GHz and Up Contest

09/17/2018 | W7GLF

Lots of fun!  Worked 5 other co-located stations on the first day: KD7UO, AG6QV, K6JEY, KI7OJL and W7FU  at O.O.Denny Park on Lake Washington which had a path to Mount Rainier which was used to contact Bill N6MN who was near the Canadian border at Artist's Point.

The really interesting facet of the get together was the variety of 10 GHz systems.  Dale KD7UO was using a W1GHZ transverter, Frank
AG7QV was using a DB6NT transverter with a homebrew 9 MHz IF radio, Doug K6JEY was using a homebrew transverter, Pablo KI7OJL was using a W1GHZ transverter that I had built a couple of months ago, and I was using a homebrew transverter I built about 10 years ago from
parts such as DSS LNB preamp,  VE1ALQ PLL to a MACOM brick, a homemade pipe cap filter, transfer relay, 50 mW Avantek amp and a DEMI
2W amp.  Notably it was Pablo's first 10 GHz contact!  He is a member of our MICROWAVE builders group and is currently building his
own transverter.

The highlight of the second weekend was a contact from CN86xx to Bob W7PUA in CN84fm (Mary's Peak Oregon) bouncing off of Mount
Rainier.  I also had a visit from Rod WE7X at my mountain road location which was about 15 miles from Mount Rainier which made the
trip much more interesting.  After working Tom KE7SW, Frank AG6QV and  Bob W7PUA I tried making contact with Mike KD7TS to no avail.  Mike later discovered his TX was not working properly. 

I decided to drive to a second location in CN97ac to see if I could work KE7SW again.  Tom and I had worked 3456 from there during the
Fall Microwave sprint.  Alas no contact. As I was trying Tom a truck came barreling down the gravel forest road, went past
me, stopped, and backed up.  The driver asked me what I was doing.  After my standard explanation to he asked me - "Is that why my
RADAR detector has been beeping at me?" ... I responded "You probably thought there was a cop hiding on the forest road looking for

I later checked Google Earth and if I had just driven about one more mile I would have had a peek at the very top of Mount Rainier
so we will have to try that again!

I am posting some pictures of our 10 GHz beach party (thanks Pablo) and then the second weekend (thanks Rod).

-- W7GLF