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2011 ARRL Straight Key Night

01/03/2011 | W7OS

W7OS operated SKN 2011 as usual from the Clifford J "Doc Spike" Antique Radio Museum located at the Radio Club of Tacoma Clubhouse.

This year W7OS operated two vintage stations.  On 80 Meters, a Heathkit Apache XMTR and a Hammarlund HQ-120X RCVR.  On 40 Meters, a Homebrew XMTR ( Lew McCoy and WW2 ARC-5 hybrid design) and a Homebrew Regen RCVR.  The Regen experienced technical difficulties... so a Drake 2B w/ 2BQ pinch hitted.

Many Radio Club of Tacoma members showed up for the SKN event and a nice potluck dinner.

New this year was the Straight Key Contest... where contestants entered their key to be judged as the "Best of the Best".  The critera was appearance (bling) and operation (Morse sending feel).  The winner won an all expense paid trip to the Winterfest AMer Boat Anchor Swap Meet located in Mineral, WA where their key will compete with other antique radio enthusiasts keys.

More info about the W7OS Museum can be found at:        cut n paste the link in your browser.



-- KR7W