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Summary of Scholarship Requirements

Geographic Criteria by Scholarship

The following are the geographic requirements for the ARRL Foundation Scholarships. 

Applicants should only apply for those awards for which they qualify. Note that additional requirements my apply. We strongly encourage all applicants to carefully read ARRL Scholarship Descriptions for additional information.

Scholarship Name 

Geographic Requirements

Androscroggin   ME or ARRL New England Division
ARRL General Fund   No geographic requirement
ARRL Rocky Mountain   ARRL Rocky Mountain Division
Atlanta Radio Club   Georgia
Baulch   No geographic requirement
Bendicksen   No geographic requirement
Bennett   ARRL Pacific or Northwestern Division
Blanchard   ARRL New England Division
Broughton   Schenectady NY area
Brown   ARRL Northwestern Division
Buckner   No geographic requirement
Cebik   No geographic requirement
Central Arizona DXA   Arizona
Challenge Met   No geographic requirement
Chicago FM Club   Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin
Cothran   ARRL Atlantic, Roanoke, or SE Division or Washington, DC
Comstock   Texas, Oklahoma
Cook   Kansas
Cordle   Georgia, Alabama
CTRI/Seeber KA1GEU   ARRL New England Division
Dayton   No geographic requirement
Driver   Tennessee or ARRL Delta Division
FEMARA   New England states
Fisher   Southwestern Division
Friend   No geographic requirement
Goldthorpe   No geographic requirement
Grauer   IA, KS, MO, NE
Green   No geographic requirement
Gwinnett   Georgia
Hix   West Virginia
Hodges W6YOO   Preference to San Diego County or resident of CA
Huettl   No geographic requirement
Indianapolis   IN or ARRL Central Division
IRARC   Florida
Jackson County   Mississippi
Knaus   WI or ARRL Central Division

Ladies ARA of Oranage County

  Preference given to Orange, Los Angeles, San Diego and Santa Barbara Counties, CA
Laughlin   Texas, Arkansas
Lawson   New England states and New York
Louisiana   Louisiana
Magnolia   Mississippi
Manley K7LMZ and Pitchford WW7ZZ   OR or ARRL Northwestern Division
MARCO   No geographic preference
McDaniel   TX, OK, AR, LA, MS, NM
Metzger   Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin
Mississippi   Mississippi
Morgan NW Division   ARRL Northwestern Division
Morris   No geographic requirement
NEAR-Fest   ARRL New England Division
Nelson   Central FL
North Fulton   GA or ARRL Southeastern Division
Old Man International Sideband Soc.   No geographic requirement
K6GO Olson and NA6MB Binder   Preference to San Diego, Orange & Los Angeles Counties, CA
Orlando HamCation   Central FL
Ozaukee Radio Club   WI
Pautz   IA, KS, MO, NE
Peoria   Central Illinois cities
Porter   Ohio, West Virginia
Riebhoff   No geographic requirement
Salerno   No geographic requirement
Six Meter   Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin
Southeastern   ARRL Southeastern Division
Stevens   Michigan, Ohio, West Virgina
Streeter, Carole J.   No geographic requirement
Streeter, Robert & Donna   No geographic requirement
Strohmeier   Western New York
Thorpe   No geographic requirement
W1FDR   No geogrraphic requirement
Wagner   NC, VA, WV, MD, TN
Watson   OK or West Gulf Division
Weatherford   No geographic requirement
Wicker   NC, SC, VA, WV
Winscott   No geographic requirement
YASME   No geographic requirement
YCCC   Within 175 miles of Erving MA
You've Got a Friend in PA  




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