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Teachers Institute Application

Applying To The Teachers Institute

Deadline for applications and application fees is May 1st for thge Summer programs and August 10th for the October Program.

TI - 1 Summer 2022

TI - 1 October 2022

TI-2 Summer 2022

Professional Development Opportunity

Teachers Institute opportunities are virtually free for the participants.The grant to attend a TI covers transportation, hotel, a modest per-diem to cover meals. Instructional resources for the electronics and microcontroller segments of the course and a resource library of relevant ARRL publications are provided to participants of the introductory Teachers Institute (TI-1). Hands-on instructional resources and equipment applicable to the topic of the advanced Teachers Institiute (TI-2) are also provided through donations to the Education & Technology Program Fund and through in-kind contributions from our industry partners. A $100 enrollment fee is required.

Review the Teachers Institute agendas linked below for more detailed information.Travel and Reimbursement Guidelines.

Applicant Eligibility

Applicants must be teaching in a U.S. school, college, or professional educational organization serving grade levels 4-12+ or leading a school-affiliated enrichment program in an official capacity.

An Amateur Radio license is NOT required for the TI-1 program, but IS required to attend the advanced TI-2 program. You are NOT required to be an ARRL member for the TI-1 program, but you ARE required to be an active member to qualify for the TI-2 program.

Applying for the Teachers Institute

Download and complete the application and the pre-workshop survey. In addition to the completed application, send a cover letter on school letterhead signed by you and a school administrator stating that you would like to attend. Please be sure to review the requirements and the reimbursement guidelines provided in the application. A $100 enrollment fee is required. If you are not accepted into the current year's program, the enrollment fee is refunded.

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