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TI-2 Space in the Classroom

TI-2: Space in the Classroom

k6ndl.jpgTI-2 Space in the Classroom is sponsored by the Dayton Amateur Radio Association. The TI-2 Space curriculum focuses on the nuts and bolts of setting up and operating a satellite ground station. This serves as excellent preparation for a scheduled contact with the ISS through the Amateur Radio on the International Space Station (ARISS) program. But it also provides instruction for continued use of satellites and other man made space assets to explore naturally generated signals, space and a variety of topics.  

The course is 4 days: the first half will be setting up and learning to operate the ground station, the second half will be practice making satellite contacts and instruction in using space borne assets in the classroom. Participants will receive all the equipment necessary to set up a basic satellite ground station.  They will participate in an antenna building party (an activity they can duplicate back home with their students). 

Though participants need not hold an amateur radio license to enroll in all other sessions of the TI, to be considered for a seat in TI-2 Space, participants must possess at least a Technician class license at the time off application.  ARRL membership is required. Priority for attending the TI-2 Space session will be given to teachers who have developed an educational proposal accepted for participation in the ARISS Program. 

 *Note: TI 2 Space in the Classroom will not be offered in 2014.