TI Representative Agenda

ARRL Teachers Institute: Introduction to Wireless Technology

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8:00 AM to 4:00 PM Daily


  • Introductions
  • Program overview
  • Making Wireless Technology (WT) Relevant
  • Define – “What do we teach?”, connection to benchmarks and science literacy
  • Electronics basics
  • Overview of the ETP curriculum, just one way of many
  • Laptop computer preparations and checkout
  • Teaching the Science of WT
    • OptaScope set up and use
    • Basic Electronics Course
    • Modulation and Demodulation Board
    • Soldering 101
  • Homework, solder the 24-hour Clock Kit


  • Teaching the Science of WT
    • 5-Building blocks of WT
    • TV Remote Decoder board and wave propagation
    • DSP Fundamentals
  • WT and the vocational education student (Great paying jobs for the non-college bound student, or while they are in college)
  • Bringing space into your classroom (Using NOAA satellites in your classroom)
    • NOAA 19 satellite operations (times depend on satellite orbits)
  • Ham radio operations that support your teaching
    • MAREA concept
    • APRS operations
    • Radio direction finding (Fox Hunting)
    • Looking ahead to TI-2
  •  Working with a local ham radio club


  • Introduction to “What is a Microcontroller”
  • Getting started; lights on/lights off; digital inputs
  • Applications
  • Controlling motion
  • Measuring rotation
  • Digital display
  • Frequency and sound


  • Robot component setup
  • Assemble the robot
  • Build the low battery indicator
  • Robot navigation
  • Navigating by touch
  • Navigating with infra-red
  • Detecting distance
  • Mars exploration activity: putting it all together
  • Program critique and good-byes