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Vanity Call Sign Fees

No FCC Regulatory Fee for Vanity Call Signs

Effective Thursday, September 3, 2015, applicants are able to file all vanity applications (new and renewal) without having to pay a regulatory fee.  FCC decided earlier this year to eliminate the regulatory fee component for Amateur Radio vanity call signs because their costs exceed the amount collected in fees. 

Amateurs requesting a new vanity call sign may file via the FCC Universal Licensing System (ULS). Amateurs renewing a vanity call sign may file via the FCC Universal Licensing System (ULS) or through the ARRL VEC.

The ARRL VEC will process license renewals and changes for ARRL members free of charge as part of their membership services. Non-members will be charged $15 to process license applications.

Trustees of club stations with vanity call signs may renew either via the ULS or through a Club Station Call Sign Administrator, such as ARRL VEC. Non-vanity club renewals and all club license changes must be filed with a CSCSA.  These license updates cannot be done directly with the FCC. There are no charges associated with any club license filings. Visit the Club call signs page for detail information.

The ARRL VEC’s Instructions for License Renewals or Changes web pages contain complete information on license-filing procedures, including step-by-step instructions on how to renew or update a license using the ULS.  There's additional information on the FCC License Renewals page and ARRL License Expiration Notices page. Our FCC’s forms page also offers the required forms.

ARRL Processing Fee Schedule

License Renewal or Change (address, name)     No Charge
License Renewal or Change (address, name)     $15 ARRL VEC processing fee
License Renewal or Change (address, name)     No Charge
Please Note:  ARRL cannot process requests for New Vanity call signs.
                        This action must be done directly with FCC.

Vanity License Renewals

Amateur Radio licensees may file renewal applications no sooner than 90 days of their license expiration date. Licensees who do not wish to keep their current vanity call signs after renewal, can opt to get a sequential call sign when they renew.

Amateur Radio licensees holding vanity call signs granted prior to 1996 never had to pay a regulatory fee when renewing. This is because Congress did not begin requiring the FCC to annually recover its regulatory costs until 1993. The initial round of vanity grants under the current system occurred in 1996. Licensees who had vanity call signs issued under the current (post-1995) system will have "HV" listed as the radio service code in the FCC system.

The ARRL VEC will process license renewals and changes (see "Processing Fee Schedule"). The service is available to ARRL members free of charge.  Non-members have a $15 processing fee.