Amateur Radio Grants

Grants to Amateur Radio Organizations

NEW_ARRL_Foundation_Logo_WEB.gifThe ARRL Foundation generally awards initial funding to organizations for new Amateur Radio related projects. The funding awards range from $1,000 to $3,000, with most awards approximately $2,000.The Foundation does not award follow up grants.

The ARRL Foundation does not wish to be the sole funder of an Amateur Radio project and gives preference to groups that successfully conduct  fund raising locally before submitting agrant application. Proposals with strong and on-going fund raising initiatives are preferred.

The focus of the grant program is to support Amateur Radio organizations with programs to educate, license and support Amateur Radio activities with emphasis on youth-based activities.

The ARRL Foundation does not fund emergency communications equipment vans, equipment or facilities. Groups seeking such funding are encouraged to contact local resources that have a stake supporting Amateur Radio's success.  The ARRL Foundation does not fund on-going operations or expenses. It is rare for the Foundation to award a grant for more than one year or to renew a prior grant.

ARRL Foundation awards may be General Fund Grants, or may qualify under one of the following Special Programs:

Victor C. Clark Youth Incentive Fund

CW Operators Educational Fund

The Alfred E. Friend, Jr., W4CF Educational Activities Fund

WRTC Youth Grant - only for grants for WRTC 2014 in New England

The review process for grant proposals takes 8 to 10 weeks. Proposals are sent to a four-member Grants Committee that makes a recommendation to the full Foundation Board for approval. A majority vote of the full Board is required for grant approval. The Grants Committee may have questions or seek clarifications from applicants. Responses to such inquiries are required in writing (via email) before the review process is finalized and the proposal is submitted for Board vote.

Proposals should be sent electronically using the grant application form with a detailed budget spreadsheet and may be accompanied by brief supporting documents that are needed to clarify elements of the proposal.

There is no formal proposal submission period and proposals are reviewed as they are received during the year. Using the forms provided on the ARRL website, applicants should download the forms and submit a proposal electronically to the Foundation.Successful grantees are required to provide the ARRL Foundation with progress reports and final reports on completion of the project, detailing the results and impact of the project, and a final financial report. The ARRL Foundation should receive copies of any press releases or coverage, including photographs that may be used for publication.

Questions about the grant-making process and contributions to the ARRL Foundation may be directed by email to