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  • Does ARRL offer a simplified renewal process for members?

    Yes. ARRL members can send use the NCVEC Form 605 for license modifications. It must be sent to the ARRL VEC in Newington, not to the FCC.
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  • How can I make a license renewal, apply for a new license, change an address or obtain a duplicate license?

    This can be done by one of three ways:


    Electronically through the FCC ULS Web Page;
    Manually using the FCC Form 605; or
    Manually using the NCVEC Form 605.
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  • Where can I find a quick reference of the forms needed when electronic filing is not possible?

    Although electronic filing is the preferred method of making license changes, here is a quick reference of the various forms when manual (paper) filing is preferred:
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  • What is the Universal Licensing System?

    Before the implementation of the Universal Licensing System, amateurs had to wait weeks or months when making license changes. Implementation of the Universal Licensing System in the Amateur Radio Service ushered in a new era of electronic, interactive filing and handling of Amateur Radio applications. It provides users fast and easy electronic filing, improved data accuracy through automated checking of applications filed on-line, and enhanced electronic access to licensing information. With ULS, you can renew or modify your ticket or apply for a vanity call sign on the FCC's ULS Web page. The ULS also meant the demise of the FCC Form 610 series long familiar to amateurs in favor of the "universal" Form 605. Although this form is primarily an electronic document, it is also available on paper. ULS gave Volunteer Examiner Coordinators (VECs) the authority to design their own forms and this has been done through the NCVEC Form 605

    Many hams had already registered in ULS through CORES. Amateurs may file applications using the FCC Form 605 electronically at any time of day, seven days a week (ULS does not process applications received on a weekend or holiday until the next FCC business day). FCC Form 605 is used for license renewals, modifications, cancellations and amendments, as well as requests for a vanity call sign, duplicate license requests, changes of address or other clerical license modifications. Visit the FCC's Wireless Telecommunications Bureau Amateur Radio Web page for information on accessing the ULS. Amateurs experiencing problems with ULS should contact the FCC License Support staff at 877-480-3201 (option 2) or 202-414-1250 or at See ULS and CORES assistance from the FCC

    Renewal sooner than 90 days before expiration is not permitted under the ULS and any such application will be returned without action.

    With the implementation of the Universal Licensing System, amateurs have more choices in filing applications. Amateur applications can be filed manually using paper forms or electronically over the FCC Web site.


    In all cases, you must first be registered with the FCC, obtain a Federal Registration Number (FRN) and password (for electronic filing) before you can make changes to your amateur license or conduct other business with the FCC. The FCC no longer accepts the old Form 610. With the implementation of the Commission Registration System (CORES), all amateurs registered under the Universal Licensing System were registered in CORES.
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  • What is the Commission Registration System?

    Before you can take advantage of all of these new features, first you
    must register! The vehicle for doing this is the Commission Registration System (CORES). For many amateurs, ULS and CORES may be transparent, especially for those filing electronically, but they are two different systems. Registration involves simply entering your Taxpayer Information Number (typically your Social Security Number), your name and your call sign (or call signs if you hold any in other FCC Wireless Telecommunications Bureau-administered services) into the ULS. 

    Amateurs may file electronically via the FCC ULS Web Site. Manual filing using the paper form remains, but people are encouraged to file electronically which is easier.

  • How do I know if I'm registered under CORES and ULS? And what are the best ways to register?

    All amateurs must be registered with the FCC and have an FRN (Federal Registration Number) number.
    Do not re-register if you already have an FRN.
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  • How can my club make a license modification?

    The FCC has privatized the Club Call Sign assignment program (as well as the Military-Recreation Call Sign Program). Any club or military-recreation license must go through a Club Station Call Sign Administrator (CSCSA) of which the ARRL VEC is one. The FCC no longer accepts applications directly from clubs, unless the club is requesting a Vanity Call Sign or renewing a Vanity Call Sign.
    Refer to ARRL 's Club Call Signs page for additional information.

  • Where do I send manually filed forms?

    The address depends on the form and its intent. Here is a list:
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  • How can I complete the FCC Form 605 manually?

    The FCC Form 605 is long and many of the questions do not apply to the Amateur Service because this form is used with many services in addition to the Amateur Service. It is critical that amateurs use the correct application codes on the Form 605. For example, if an application for renewal, but not modification, indicates an application code of "RM" (to renew and modify a license), the entire application will be rejected. Click through for instructions on how to fill out the form.
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  • What is done about privacy filing?

    Some amateurs have been concerned over the FCC's requirement for your Social Security Number. The Debt Collection Improvement Act of 1996, Public Law 104-134, requires all federal agencies to collect Taxpayer Identification Numbers from all persons doing business with the agency..

    This includes all applicants and holders of FCC licenses. The ULS uses your SSN as a unique identifier. Your SSN (or FRN) and your password will provide access to the electronic filing features of the ULS. 

    Supplying a telephone and fax number is optional as is supplying an e-mail address. Your SSN will not be disclosed to the public and it must be given only once. The Commission has taken several steps to ensure the privacy of your SSN. Electronic registration on the Internet is accomplished using the FCC's secure Web server.

  • How do I obtain ULS & CORES assistance from the FCC?

    FCC Resources:

    On the FCC website: Users Guide to ULS , ULS Resources 

    FCC Technical Support Hotline: 877-480-3201 (option 2) or 202-414-1250 or via e-mail at Contact the FCC Technical Support Hotline about computer access to ULS, your FRN, uploading files or attachments. The hotline is available Monday through Friday from 8 AM to 6 PM EST (except Federal holidays). All calls are recorded.

    ULS Licensing Support and Forms Information: 1-888-CALL FCC (225-5322). Select option #2 or call 717-338-2888. E-mail questions can be sent to Contact the FCC License Support with questions about the proper application, the information requested for the application of any other ULS related licensing matter. ULS Licensing Support is available Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to 5:30 PM EST (except holidays).

  • Where can I find paper forms?


    All of the Forms mentioned can be found on the ARRLWeb. FCC forms can be found on the FCC page and from the FCCFormsDistributionCenter at 1-800-418-FORM (3676). The ARRL VEC Form 605-C (for clubs and military recreation stations only) and the NCVEC Form 605 can only be found on the ARRL Web site.

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