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Free UTC desktop clock?

Aug 3rd 2011, 17:13


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A member writes in :

I've been looking online for a free program that will install a digital UTC clock on my desktop. I tried Alpha Clock but it doesn't even seem to allow for a time zone setting. The problem is I keep on forgetting is it plus 8hrs or minus 8hrs for CA time? Do you adjust for DST or not adjust for DST? Etc.
Aug 3rd 2011, 20:20


Super Moderator

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If Alpha Clock is a UTC clock, it would not have a provision for time-zone setting, as UTC is a fixed time zone. UTC does not change with various local daylight-savings time changes.

If you are using a Windows operating system, you should be able to configure your clock settings to UTC and to not change with daylight-savings time. Go to your control panel, click on the date and time icon, then select GMT as your time zone. On my office machine, this removed the optional check box to automatically adjust my clock for daylight-savings time.

Here in the Eastern time zone, we are 5 hours behind UTC in standard time and 4 hours behind in daylight savings time. Pacific standard time is 8 hours ahead of UTC and your daylight savings time is 7 hours ahead of UTC. Right now, it is 1600 local time here in EDT, so is is 2000 UTC. You are at 1300 local time, so adding 7 hours to your time will give yuo 2000 UTC. When daylight-savings time is over, if you add 8 hours to your clock, you will have the time in UTC.

Ed Hare, W1RFI
Technical forums moderator
Aug 4th 2011, 16:20


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This isn't "desktop," but you might find it worth considering. I'm doing a lot of HF from the car and wanted a UTC clock for logging--to minimize the chance of an error converting local to GMT while I'm also trying to work a station AND keep from being in an accident. :-)

I bought a Casio watch for about $23; it's digital, solar powered, and sets itself every night from WWVB. And it has "dual time zones"--which means I can have local time on a small segment of the display, and GMT (London time) in the big display. It's always accurate, won't ever need a battery, and inexpensive. I took the band off mine, and stuck it to my dashboard with a tiny bit of coax-seal. :-) I've got GMT, accurate and exact, in front of me any time I'm in the car. You could do the same thing with one of these watches and your keyboard or the edge of your monitor, if that sounds like a reasonable solution.

Good luck! --ken ac4rd
Aug 5th 2011, 17:35


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I guess Ill aid my 2 Penney
I use DS clock I like it .Its small and is fully customizable it's free or you can buy for more features it will give you local time and date as well as utc time and date give it a try it mite work for you
73s AA7AN
Aug 11th 2011, 16:49


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I wrote a program to display local and UTC time on the desktop: It has Nixie/Panaplex styling.

73 Martin AA6E
ARRL Technical Advisor
Aug 20th 2011, 23:49


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You can try the UTC Clock function on Clox 2000, available at URL

Alternatively, you can set an Internet Bookmark to a webpage from that only shows UTC. But, it may only register AM/PM and not be a 24-hour clock if you are hoping for that.

73 Raleigh AC5JW
Jul 12th 2013, 11:19


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Look at I made an igHome(iGoogle alternative) gadget for my home page from there.

Rich W2EUS

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