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  • Cable Television Interference

    It may be possible to obtain this information from the radio station log book. If not, have .... References. The ARRL RFI Book · AC Power Interference Handbook ... Learn More

  • ARRLWeb: ARRL EMC Committee Semi-Annual Report

    Jan 17, 2015 ... Write and publish the ARRL RFI Book. •. Design and update ARRL's RFI web pages. •. Maintain a database at ARRL to facilitate EMC case ... Learn More

  • Part 15 - Radio Frequency Devices

    The ARRL publishes an excellent book, the ARRL RFI Book, edited by W1RFI ( what a perfect call for the League's RFI "guru") and written by a collection of real ... Learn More

  • Part 15 Devices

    Dec 2, 2001 ... The ARRL RFI Book has many sug- gestions for resolving a wide range of radio- frequency interference.1 If a prob- lem is serious or persistent, ... Learn More

  • ARRL :: Technical

    The ARRL RFI Book 3rd Edition. Practical cures for radio frequency interference! Now including digital television and hybrid electric vehicles. May QST book of ... Learn More

  • ARRL Letter

    May 27, 2010 ... This year was no exception. Two new books -- Remote Operating for Amateur Radio and the third edition of The ARRL RFI Book -- were ... Learn More

  • Locating RF Interference at HF

    Radio frequency interference (RFI) in- creased dramatically in my neighborhood recently. Locating the sources was not easy, due in part to the distances ... Learn More

  • Low Power, Crummy Antenna

    Watt-for-watt, CW communicates farther than voice and creates fewer RFI problems. .... If you're still having problems, pick up a copy of the ARRL RFI Book. Learn More

  • Forum » RFI - Discussion and Q&A » Air Conditioner RFI

    When ARRL completes its testing of the ac-line filters, we'll post the results on the RFI area of the Technology pages on the ARRL web site. Learn More

  • ARRL :: ARRL Kindle Books

    Understanding HF transceiver data from QST Product Reviews. Great for Amateur Radio operators looking to purchase a transceiver! Special Member Price Learn More