• The EMI Finder

    (RFI) that you can pinpoint are power- line insulators ... these sources of RFI are broadband in nature. That is, their .... with The ARRL Antenna Book. The ... Learn More

  • Technical FAQ

    You need to change the settings on YW. YW comes on the companion CD for the ARRL Antenna Book, 21st edition. I'd suggest downloading the software notes ... Learn More

  • RV

    This book is a $29.95 value and has everything you need to get your first ham radio license. It comes with NEW practice exam software on CD-ROM. Be sure to  ... Learn More

  • Active Club Primer

    Because ARRLWeb contains hundreds of pages of current and frequently- changing information, no static book can quite match it for information that active clubs ... Learn More

  • Inside W1AW

    In his book 200 Meters & Down Clinton B. DeSoto relates the story of Hiram Percy Maxim's desire to purchase an Audion tube. Unable to send a message to  ... Learn More

  • FCC

    RFI Regulatory Information · Title 47 - Telecommunications · Additional Regulatory Information · Regulatory FAQ · Frequency Allocations · Frequency ... Learn More

  • Technical Information Service

    Companion software, Templates and Product Notes for recent ARRL books and CDs; QEX files and companion material for download · QST Files and Templates  ... Learn More

  • Chapter Three: Technical Coordinator

    Encourage TSs to serve on RFI and TVI committees in the section for the purpose ... the technical contents of QST and ARRL books to ARRL Hq. Suggestions for ... Learn More