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    03/31/2012 | Youth@HamRadio.Fun: Getting a Niche in Amateur Radio ... ago, the ARRL UHF/Microwave Band Plan Committee asked the Amateur Radio ... Learn More

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    In a letter to the Amateur Radio community, Vertex Standard Chief Executive Officer and President Jun Hasegawa expressed his “sincere appreciation to ... Fun: On Becoming a Ham. Meet the new ARRL Youth Editor, Sterling Coffey, N0SSC. Learn More

  • Amateur Radio Hamfest Youth Lounge Kit.pdf

    This kit contains the basic resources to start a youth lounge at a hamfest. Included you ... will), the most important thing is that they have fun and that ham radio. Learn More

  • ARRL@HamRadio.Fun: November Sweepstakes For the Win!

    Dec 22, 2012 ... TAGS: 80 meters, aid stations, amateur radio, amateur radio club, Amateur Radio contest, ARRL Youth Editor, clean sweep, Contest, cw, CW ... Learn More

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    Feature. 09/29/2012 | Youth@HamRadio.Fun: The Young Amateurs Contest Ham Team. Everyone has heard the phrase “If you build it, they will come,” and ... Learn More

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    To ensure that Amateur Radio is not an unintended victim of the growing public debate over what to ... 08/05/2009 | Youth@HamRadio.Fun: Awards All Around. Learn More

  • ARRLWeb: ARRL Board Names Award Winners

    Nov 9, 2011 ... monthly Youth@HamRadio.Fun column. "Andrea is one of ham ... activities, and she recently completed the ARRL Amateur Radio. Emergency ... Learn More

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    02/26/2013 | Youth@HamRadio.Fun: New Mexico -- Land of Hamchantment. In a typical engineering discipline, one spends four (or more commonly, five) years ... Learn More

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    01/29/2012 | Youth@HamRadio.Fun: New Year, New Goals, More Calculus -- and More W0EEE. After celebrating the New Year and holiday festivities with ... Learn More

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    01/06/2009 | Youth@HamRadio.Fun: A Small Island, a Young Ham and a Whole Lot of Spirit! Mercer Island is a small island in Washington, located a few miles ... Learn More