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  • ARRL Announces New Youth Editor

    Oct 21, 2008 ... The ARRL has announced Duncan MacLachlan, KU0DM, of Prairie Village, Kansas, as the new Youth Editor and will write the Youth@HamRadio.Fun column. MacLachlan, 13, takes over from Andrea Hartlage, KG4IUM, as she continues her education at the Georgia Tech. Amateur Radio runs in the ... Learn More

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    Feature. 04/27/2013 | Youth@HamRadio.Fun: Dayton on Radar. One of the first things you learn in a southwestern state is to touch large metal objects often. If you don't, you'll find that your electronics will suffer. The dry air of New Mexico is no objection to this rule. Learn More · W6CSa.jpg ... Learn More

  • Amateur Radio News

    Feature. 10/24/2011 | Youth@HamRadio.Fun: Amateur Radio, Before and After. Amateur Radio was born in candlelit labs and foggy fields by several renowned inventors and experimenters throughout the close of the 19th century and beginning of the 20th. The first wireless experimenters of the world -- Heinrich Hertz, ... Learn More

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    Feature. 02/09/2009 | Youth@HamRadio.Fun: Canadian QSO Party. The Radio Amateurs of Canada created The RAC Winter Contest to form a sense of unity among all Canadian amateurs. Similar to QSO Parties in the US, the RAC Winter Contest uses the format of RST and Province, rather than RST and County or State. Learn More

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    Feature. 08/01/2012 | Youth@HamRadio.Fun: Field Day at Kansas City Maker Faire. Many months ago, I was invited to come to Kansas City during ARRL Field Day to operate a unique station. Most envision a Field Day station as a few tents and towers in the local city park, but this one was far from that. This Field Day site  ... Learn More

  • Youth

    Check out these resources provided by the ARRL to help you explore what you can do on the air as a young amateur radio operator. New to Ham Radio? Find out more about Amateur Radio and how you can get started. Go Now ... Some great ideas to create a fun-filled space for youth at your next hamfest! Learn More . Learn More

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    05/18/2011 | Bob Heil, K9EID, to Headline New Internet Show. On Tuesday, May 24, Bob Heil, K9EID -- owner of Heil Sound -- will premier a new netcast show on Leo Laporte's website. Called HamNation, the show will focus on equipment, applications, tips and general information for the Amateur Radio operator. Learn More

  • ARRL@HamRadio.Fun: November Sweepstakes For the Win!

    12/22/2012. By Sterling Coffey, N0SSC ARRL Youth Editor. November plays host to my favorite contest -- the ARRL November Sweepstakes. “Sweeps” is divided into two separate contests, CW and Phone. Ironically, the first contest I ever participated in was the 2007 CW Sweeps, using a decoder and an automatic CW  ... Learn More

  • ARRL Letter

    Sep 22, 2000 ... Brian Mileshosky, N5ZGT, to edit Youth@HamRadio.Fun for AWE: The 1999 winner of the ARRL's presigious Hiram Percy Maxim Award, Brian Mileshosky, N5ZGT, of Albuquerque, New Mexico, is the editor of a new youth-oriented column in The ARRLWeb Extra on the ARRL's Members Only Web site. Learn More

  • ARRLWeb: ARRL Board Names Award Winners

    Jul 23, 2004 ... known to visitors of the ARRL Web site as the editor of the monthly Youth@ HamRadio.Fun column. "Andrea is one of ham radio's best ambassadors and a strong leader," the Board said. She is also very active in her local community through her participation in Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES). Learn More