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    07/02/2009 | IARU HF World Championships: Coming to a Radio Near You ... Feature. 11/03/2008 | Amateur Radio Quiz: A Spare Hour's Entertainment. Learn More

  • Clean Sweep

    A ham operating remotely from South America scored a "Clean Sweep" in the recent ARRL ... 09/02/2012 | Amateur Radio Quiz: Contest Season Refresher. Learn More

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    The enthusiasm of Chinese radio amateurs was very much in evidence at ARRL ... 01/28/2009 | Amateur Radio Quiz: Here It Comes, Here It Is, There It Goes! Learn More

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    03/12/2014 | New SATERN Emergency Disaster Services Ham Station May Be Remotely ... 05/21/2011 | Amateur Radio Quiz: Hip, Hip, Hooray for the TLAs! Learn More

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    06/18/2013 | California Amateurs Claim New World Distance Record on 3.7 mm Band. California ... 07/31/2009 | Amateur Radio Quiz: I Knew That! There's so ... Learn More

  • bermuda shorts

    06/20/2012 | Amateur Radio Quiz: No Guessing. You'll have to work extra hard on this quiz because it's not a “multiple guess.” Some answers may require a little  ... Learn More

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    01/06/2012 | Radio Amateurs Not Affected by Narrowbanding Requirements. The FCC ... 03/02/2009 | Amateur Radio Quiz: The Yagi Antenna. It's a rare ham, ... Learn More

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    Joe Taylor, K1JT, was the guest of honor at the re-opening of a radio telescope in the Netherlands that is ... 10/06/2012 | Amateur Radio Quiz: Ham Horizons. Learn More