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Great Lakes

6/28/22 addendum regarding SM FD Message.  Everyone should take a look at this. The rules say a NTS message which is a radiogram. 

Here is the rule for submission:
7.3.5. Message Origination to Section Manager: 100 bonus points for origination of a formal message to the ARRL Section Manager or Section Emergency Coordinator by your group from its site. You should include the club name, number of participants, Field Day location, and number of ARES operators involved with your station. The message must be transmitted during the Field Day period and a copy of it must be included in your submission in standard ARRL radiogram or no credit will be given. The message must leave or enter the Field Day operation via amateur radio RF.


Hello Everyone:

Hope all had a successful FD 2022.  I think most of KY had a kind weather forecast for the weekend, with a few scattered showers.

Make a list of things that you did great, and items you need to improve for next year.  I hope you will review the rules regarding reports to the SM.  Some groups missed on that assignment.  There is important information that is supposed to be present in the message.

I received information in regards to that content from the following groups as of 6/28/22.

KD9CHL - Princeton/Caldwell Co
K4TG Anderson Co ARS
KB4KY Am Legion
ND4X Home station, Paducah
Murray ST Univ. Club
AJ4A Central KY ARC

Thanks to all clubs that took the time to setup/ tear down.  Hope all learned something for the future and maybe recruited new bodies for your club, shared emergency prepardness with public officials and emergency management.  Have a great summer.



Hello Everyone:

If your club or group is involved in Field Day this year, don't forget your bonus points. One set of bonus points is sending a radiogram to me, the SM about your activity. Instructions are in the rules.  Only requirement is the radiogram has to be sent by RF from your FD site.  Please send the radiogram by WINLINK  -  if possible for an email address as well.

Above all everyone have a great FD, stay safe, have fun.



New May Section Newsletter in Files area below


Subject: Club Grants Webinar

As stated previously, there is limited seating for the above mentioned webinar for 5/4/22 @ 8PM Eastern. They are at capacity at this time. There will be a few additional permitted seats at the time of webinar.  However, on 5 May, the webinar will be available for viewing on the ARRL You Tube Channel.  Keep eyes open for that.


04/27/22 follow up K4L Special Event Station
By John Hagar N4KJU  Paintsville KY

On April 14,2022 the Amateur Radio Community Service Club of Paintsville Kentucky conducted their first ever special event station commemorating the 90th birthday of Country Music Star Loretta Lynn from her birthplace and childhood home in Butcher Hollow in Van Lear Kentucky. To us mountain folk the word Hollow is pronounced holler. Old folklore says the word holler came about as a result of mountain folk hollering from one end of the hollow to the other end as a means of communication. As a club we didn't have to holler to establish communications, we as hams used our equipment and homebrewed antennas to contact stations in 10 different states and also a station in Spain. All stations were powered by a generator furnished by Bill KN4EME and I might add the generator was not fueled by "white lightning" or moonshine as it is portrayed in the movies as a power source for mountain people. The fuel of excitement and comrade was great as we had ten operators taking their turn at the radios operating four different stations stations on four different bands for 24 hours. We operated on the 75, 20, 40 and 2 meter phone portion of the bands using the special event call sign of K4L which stands for Kentuckians for Loretta. A total of 103 contacts were made.

  The only damper was a severe rain storm halted operations for several hours along with a cold front which began around 04:00 hrs utc. By day break we were at the radios again. Also we were served a great meal of hamburgers, hotdogs, and Paul AK4U's special recipe for fried potatoes along with plenty of soft drinks. cakes and cookies Paul's girlfriend Donna was a non ham and she was a super hostess preparing the meal and as a result of being with us she is now interested in studying for a amateur license.

  We also had several visitors who visited Ms lynn's home place and stopped by inquiring about what we were doing. We took time to explain ham radio to the visitors and it sparked the interest in most of visitors who stopped by

  We would like to thank Mack Lowe at the Webb's Country Store for his assistance, Loretta's family for the use of the homeplace and all stations who contacted us during this event. If you contacted us during this special event send a SASE to : K4L Special Event P. O. Box 75 Paintsville,Ky. 41240 USA



Special Event Station operational April 14 0000z-2359z

The Amateur Radio Service Club of Paintsville Kentucky will be operating a special event station from the birthplace of country music star Loretta Lynn from her birthplace in Butcher Hollow in Van Lear Kentucky commemorating her 90th birthday. Ms Lynn during her musical career she received numerous awards which included three Grammy Awards, seven American Music Awards, eight Broadcast Music Incorporated awards, 13 Academy of Country Music, eight Country Music Association, and 26 fan-voted Music City News awards. The club is honored to conduct a special event station honoring her on her 90th birthday using a special event call sign of K4L which stands for Kentuckians for Loretta.

The Special event station will be operating from 0000 hours UTC thru 2359 UTC on April 14,2022 on all hf bands and on repeaters on the East Kentucky Repeater System. Also  we will be operating  some of the digital modes as well as CW. If you contact the special event station send a qsl card along with a SASE and you will receive our specially designed QSL card. Direct all correspondence to:

                                                                 Amateur Radio Community Service

                                                             Attention Kentuckians For Loretta K4L

                                                                                 P.O. Box 75

                                                                Paintsville, Kentucky 41240 USA


It was great to everyone at the Cave City Hamfest on  5 March. Hope everyone had a great time, to have as my guess 10 year old Will Rudy, KO4VLV, from Fulton. Great young man. If you get a chance you might hear him on KY DMR. Good turn out and great weather.

It is with a sad note that I report a SK on a very good friend to amateur radio and a former GL Director, Gary Johnston KI4LA.  Gary is from Edgewood,  Kenton Co. He has been active in amateur radio along with his Dad and daughter for over 50 years. Always supported ARRL activities when he wasn't playing his trombone and family matters. He was a avid aviator too. Too say he will be missed is an understatement. Our prayers go to his family and friends.



Let's Talk About Grants

Lots of interest has been raised on the new grant programs that are available to organizations today. There is also a bit of confusion about just what some of them are and what the differences are. Let's look at the details of the three major programs.

Grants are a great way to fund small and large projects that your club might be interested in. Spend a few minutes to look over the websites and talk with your club. This is a valuable resource that clubs can use to build amateur radio's future in an ever-changing technology world.

ARRL Foundation Grants

These grants are awarded by the ARRL Foundation to organizations promoting amateur radio. The maximum grant is $3000, and the specific uses of the funds are restricted to specific projects. The details of just what you can use the money for and how to apply are on the ARRL website at Amateur Radio Grants ( There are specific times during the year to apply, and all the information is on the website.

ARRL Club Grant Program

This program is new and still in development having just been announced in January around the time of the ARRL Board of Directors meeting. This program will allow clubs to apply for up to $25,000 for specific projects. The details of how the funding can be used and how to apply have not been announced yet. Stay tuned for more information.

ARDC Grants

These grants are awarded by the Amateur Radio Digital Communications Grant Program and are not managed by ARRL. There is no maximum for the grants and full details can be found at the ARDC website at Apply for a Grant | Amateur Radio Digital Communications ( There are specific dates to apply and requirements for the groups that wish to apply.


From ARRL Club New: Feb. 22 2022



Hello Everyone,

Don't forget the upcoming Hamfest in Cave City March 5th.


As we send 2021 into history, I take this time to thank all the folks that supported the efforts in the Kentucky Section this past year.  As we pause to observe my favorite time of the year, “Christmas”, I wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

I take this opportunity to provide my thoughts and prayers to those that have gone through the agony of the super-cell system that went through Western KY and other parts of Kentucky on December 9-10.  Sad that lives were lost, but with everyone’s support, places and things will be rebuilt.  To my knowledge, no amateur lost their equipment, except to antennas. Dawson Springs repeaters will be relocated to a new location.

This year is almost a carbon copy of 2020, except we did a few Hamfests here in Kentucky. Before you know it, the Cave City Hamfest will be upon us which will be on Saturday, March 5th unless there are again health concerns preventing it. It will be great be able to eye ball QSOs again.

The Central KY ARS finished 1st in their 6A class for 2021 Field Day, under callsign AJ4A.  Our congratulations to the Madison Co group and their efforts.  There were over 60 different groups that participated in this year’s FD from KY.  In that regards, don’t forget that Winter FD will be coming January 29-30, 2022,

Covid changed many things this past year but intern, created another way for us have a “social” atmosphere and that was through ZOOM meetings.  Many clubs gathered in the state along with several presentations, which included visiting Section Managers, our GL and Asst. Director.  This coming year will be no different.  I hope you will find a way to participate in upcoming ZOOM meetings and find a way to contribute to the Kentucky Section.  The Field Service is where the rubber meets the road and it take many to make it operational.  Many of you agreed to perform many of the functions that make up Field Services.  Stay tuned for an upcoming Zoom meeting to occur in January.

I want to thank Dan Rubino KD9CHL,, Crittenden Co., has taken the lead in establishing KYHAM. Unfortunately, it may not be doable because of the viruses that are established in the current program.  It may be necessary to re-establish a new website.  Please give Dan your support if he calls and asks for assistance. Many folks that are listed on KYHAM have not returned calls when Dan has called.

We need your support in assisting the KEN.  Additional NCSs are needed for the long haul. As we proceed in the New Year, please considering taking a NCS position.

2021 saw accomplishments which included a Tri State SET event with Indiana, Illinois and Kentucky.  Plans are already being made for the upcoming SET in October 2022. As we found out this December, most disaster events start at the local level.  How did your club or group respond to the SET?

Clubs, don't forget to update your club information.  You should be receiving the ARRL club newsletter by your contact person or president of the club.  There has been two additions out thus far. 

As we approach 2022, see how you may fit into the ARRL Field Services Organization and thank you for supporting the ARRL.


I hope that we see continued growth in amateur radio in Kentucky and the world.  Enjoy amateur radio.


As mentioned below, this is a reminder that the ACC newsletter will be sent out to all ACC and officers of current affiliated clubs this Tuesday.  If you would like to subscribe to this newsletter, please check your profile and indicate your desire to subscribe. In the future, it will be available on the third Tuesday of the month.

If you interested in attending the February Hamcation 2022, registration is available on line at or the website for details.

Happy Thanksgiviing everyone, give thanks for your blessings and this nation.



QST - Attention all affiliated clubs...

Any club desiring to update their information via the League's website can only be accesed by a club officer or the club contact  representative of the club.  The club contact or liaison should be the person doing the updates. Remember, annual club updates are due by the end of the year.




Hello Everyone,

I hope everyone one is enjoying safe travels whereever your time away from home takes you. It was great to see many folks at the Cave City Hamfest, July 10th.  Hopefully, the pandemic will be kept at bay, so we can continue to meet at regular Hamfests this fall.

There are 3 Hamfests coming up in September and 1 in October.

1. The Greater Louisville Hamfest, September 11 at Paraquet Springs Conference Center in Shepherdsville. Link:

2. Richmond KY Hamfest, September 18th at Richmond KY.

3. Paintsville KY Hamfest, September 25th in Paintsville KY.

4. Great Lakes Convention, Bowling Green KY October 2nd at the Knicely Center.*

*Note: please check this site to register for the luncheon if you would like to attend. David Minster NA2AA CEO, will be the guest speaker.

The ARRL Board of Directors had their semi-annual meeting this July. A new Emergency Communications / Field  Services committee has been formed to structure the future of NTS, ARES, and Field Services. More streamline communications is happening from the League which is welcome. Link:

A new form has been released for reporting for SEC/EC, form 4a for online reporting. Details are coming this week. Robert Doughty KK4AVI is working on a Google Docs form where all districts will be able to place their monthly information.  It should be road tested shortly. 

Believe or not, I am still seeking an Affiliated Club Coordinator (ACC) for Kentucky.  This is going on year 4. What does that say? Come on folks, step up to the plate and work for your Section.

DECs/ECs, time to come out of your hiberation and start being part of the Kentucky Section again. Make yourself known. Become radioactive on our weekly HF KEN, 3.972.5 which meets at 1830 CDT/ 1930 EDT, Monday evenings. If you don't have HF, you have an opportunity to join us on DStar Reflector 56A, DMR talkgroup 31211 or the Princeton Fusion Room, 40806 during the same time.

Hey folks, KYHAM.NET is still operational and doesn't run cost free.  Now is your time to support the collection box and drop by KYHAM.NET and click on the donate tab, to help keep KYHAM.NET running.  As you have seen, many aspects of KYHAM.NET are outdated. How about coming forward and offering your assistance to bring it back to life? Your help will be much appreciated. 

We continue get new amateurs into Kentucky. Now that the FCC has dropped the ability to contact these new hams by email, it will be up to our local VE teams to make sure the new Ham has been placed into a local club. Did you know our affilliated clubs are the life blood for amateur radio.  How long has it been since you stepped into your local club meeting?  Clubs continue to operate but many struggle with many expenses, especially trying to recover from our recent Field Day or supporting a repeater. Also, there are many clubs in the state that are on "inactive" status.  How long has it been since you updated your club's status. Please go to this site; to find your club and make sure you are current.  Some clubs have not reported in decades. What is your club's status?

Hey, did you know we have a active CW net that meets every day of the year except maybe during FD and Sweepstates. KYN meets every evening on 3.537 Mhz at 2000 CDT/ 2100 EDT time and on Saturday morning at 1400 /1500 CDT/EDT. How are your traffic skills? What about your Winlink skills. Each Thursday, there is a weekly "check-in" net for Winlink.  Send an email to for further info. There will also be a RED CROSS Winlink drill coming up this Fall as well. Stay tuned.

As you can see, a lot of activity is going on in your Section. Your help is needed. With ARES Connect disappearing into the sunset, hopefully something as equally providing will take its place. How do you fit into amateur radio in your community?   







Hello Everyone,

I hope everyone that wanted to participate in  FD 2021 got the opportunity.  When you lay your head on your pillow may the repetion of "CQ Field Day" put you right to sleep.  I truly enjoyed my visits with several WKY clubs and the weather was fantastic, if you like KY weather.     I had a technical problem with my Fussion appointment Saturday was  there for DStar and the MKPN to receive traffic. With that said, I received traffic or formal written traffic from the following:

K4CO   I hope all had a great time, good food and fellowship.

I am sure you can't wait until next year.  Next year, I may operate.  


Steve W4NHO



Hello Everyone:

This is wishing each of you great success this weekend for your personal or group field day efforts. May you enjoy good food and fellowship with you local club or group and may the bands be good to you this weekend.  At least there is a good weather forecast for a change.  I will be visiting FD sites in WKY Saturday.   If you are interested,  I will be standing by at 3 pm cdt/ 4 pm edt on the Princeton Fusion Room 40806, Saturday, June 26 for FD traffic.   I will "try" to standby for traffic on DStar REF 56B on 4 pm cdt/ 5 pm edt to receive any traffic regarding participation in FD 2021 to the Section Manager I will using Hot Spot, which may or may not work mobile.   I will also be on the MKPN Sunday Morning June 27 on 3.838 mhz at 7:30 am  for any late traffic.   Remember, message must be sent from FD location during FD operating period.
Also, if possible, send your traffic to me at   73  Have Fun   Steve Morgan  W4NHO
Kentucky Section Manager
Owensboro, KY  42301
Cell: 270-926-4451 email:


MARCH 2021

Hello Everyone:

Spring showers bring May flowers, I mean "Hamfests", well almost. It seems forever since there has been a Hamfest in Kentucky, March 2020, Cave City. I believe we are getting closer, how about August 2021. Lets keep our fingers crossed.

As we pursue another term, yes I was encouraged to do another round beginning April 1 as your section manager. I am not sure if I will ever cross that plateau my friend from Malcom Keown W5XX, who has been SM in MS around 25 years. He is the longest serving SM in the US. He has almost of his FS positions filled by functioning people. I am honored to move ahead on many fronts. I too have many great folks that are holding same positions in KY. It is customary that you be given that opportunity for renewal. I have carried many appointments that were present prior to my term. However, there are some that may have other opinions in regards to their appointments. In the short term prior to April, you will be given an opportunity to move ahead with the train or wave good by as it leaves the station. We have raised the bar, are you ready for some exercise?

I would like to welcome several that have assumed additonal positions and some that have come on board to KY FS. Jack Hedges KY4TPR has assumed the EC position for Shelby Co plus wearing his SGL hat. Robert Doughty KK4AVI has added additional duties by assuming the DEC 3 position as well as EC, NM duties. He is also working on a new reporting systems for the section. Also appointed, Tim Skees K9KSP EC Edmonson Co; Steve Witt KI4TOW, Elliott Co.

Since the early part of the year, we have been having monthly Zoom Section meetings due to our pandemic situation. In February, we had our GL Division representatives Dale Williams WA8EFK director and Scott Yonally NS8Y Vice Director. They presented an overview of what transpired at the ARRL board meeting and other headlines and gave a chance to those present to ask questions. In March we had as guests the SM from TN David Thomas KM4NYI along with his SEC Jim Snyder AJ4NO. They presented an overview how their section functions, especially with county and state government. They are a section that has definitely raised the bar, including many other states that border Kentucky. In April, we are looking forward to hearing Charlie O'Neal KE4AIE, he will provide an overview of the FEMA courses, history and current requirements and how ARES and FEMA work together. We will have other interesting programing coming as well.

Rich Henderson KN4MAA KY SEC is also working hard to fill other duties in ARES, especially needed is an ASEC. We have a couple on roster but they have not functioned in some time.

Many have enquired on the new amateur license plates that have been presented and passed with the work of Jack Hedges SGL KY4TPR and his team. Applications are available through your local county clerk's office. Some have already received a new plate. If you do not wish to give up your old plate, you are free to continue using your existing plate.

Also, there are some mixed rumors going around in regards to new fees that will be present on new licenses and or renewals from the FCC. The new fee schedule will probably start mid summer. Please stay tune for further announcements.

There currently is a weekly Winlink net going on in the state on Thursdays. Information is on KYHAM and Facebook by Roland Brown AF4Y, NCS. What better ways to practice sending attachments and or information through the Winlink system. Are you up to speed?

KDN, Kentucky Digital Net also thriving on Monday evenings after the KEN on 3.587 Mhz at 7:30 central, 8:30 eastern using Olivia 8/500, and other modes. After the net was over Monday evening, we tried Fldigi with FLAMP. Comments are still out on that.

Please keep your thoughts and prayers in regard to Roger Higley W8CRK who is actually in OH but is going through difficult times in regards to COVID. Those that know Roger, please pass our concerns to him and his family.

Folks, again we ask for your assistance to make Kentucky Section make. Many needs are present. I have looking for ACC, Affiliated Club Coordinator for several years and not one person has stepped up to the plate. Many folks hold an appointment and fail to function. When you agreed to take part in field services, you were given a set of duties. Please readdress these duties because you will be asked about them shortly.

Hope to see many of you on the nets. Many areas are active in the state doing something, how about you?

Steve Morgan W4NHO



As a follow up regarding the meeting with the transportation cabinet regarding a new amateur radio ham plate.  The design was approved (see for design) and may be available late summer or early fall.  More information will be available as it is filtered down by the transportation cabinet.  Be advised that some counties may still issue the current metal plate until supply is exhausted for their county.

My thanks to Jack Hedges KY4TPR SGL, Matt Makaveli and crew for their work over the last few months.  We have received many compliments regarding the design. It is time that KY has a multi-colored plate and future looks good for future modifications if needed.   

Also, for those that still enjoy the current plate in circulation, you do not have give that one up. Continue to renew the plate and you are good to go.

Steve W4NHO



Hello Everyone 
Merry Christmas - Happy New Year


Wow, can you believe this year is about over and ready to turn the page into a new year.  How many folks believe this year seems to be 2 to 5 years long. Lets hope this new year will provide a new beginning and a breath of fresh air.

My thanks to all that are managing your local nets and our state nets. Your dedication and service is appreciated.

Jack Hedges KY4TPR SGL is currently working with the KY Transportation cabinet for the out laying of a new KY Ham Plate. His meeting will occur 17 Dec.  However, please note, this plate will not be available until December 2021 if everything goes through.  Stay tuned.

As we turn the page, I will be looking at those that are really carying the water. Please ask yourself if you hold a field appointment, are you doing your job? Do you know of someone that would like to help?  Lets all move forward, not backward.  Field appointments will be up for renewal by April 1.

I am happy to report that I will be continuing as SM of KY for another term with your help.  Also, Dale Williams WA8EFK will continue as the GL Director and Scott Yonally N8SY (former Ohio SM) will assume the position as GL Vice Director. Good things are on the horizon.

I hope in this new year we will be able to hold and or attend hamfests. Hamfests are where are able to grow this great hobby. 

Please do not forget that ARES Connect is there and growing. We will be having more virtual meetings on its use during the first of the year.

Sorry to report that Sandy Gragg KM4PJU out of Lexington has become a SK. He had really helped in reorganizing ARES in Fayette Co.

Take Care, stay safe

Steve Morgan W4NHO



Hello Everyone,

How fast has this year gone.  I hope 2021 will give us a better year than 2020 which will be remembered by all as a year we will not soon forget.  It has affected our great hobby, amateur radio and our lives.

However, our hobby is not at a stand still.  As noted by GL Director Williams, please take a moment to provide your comments on the FCC's latest proposal to increase the filing fee on our FCC license.  As per the ARRL Letter, "the FCC Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM) MD Docket 20-270 appeared in the October 15 edition of The Federal Register and sets deadlines of November 16 to comment and November 30 to post reply comments, which are comments on comments already filed. ARRL has prepared a Guide to Filing Comments with the FCC which includes tips for preparing comments and step-by-step filing instructions. File comments on MD Docket 20-270 using the FCC’s Electronic Comment Filing System (ECFS)." The ARRL is filing a brief against the proposed increase.

I hope all are participating or will participate in the ongoing election of ARRL GL Director and Vice Director which ends on Nov. 20th.  These ballots were sent out to all league members as of the end of September via bulk mail.  Please note, some may not have received a ballot, including myself. If so please contact the league and request a ballot.

On Nov. 14th, we will again have a joint exercise with ARES and Red Cross.  The exercise will begin a 9 AM on Saturday morning and conclude around 1800 local time or when traffic has been passed. The exercise will just like the SET started, on a local basis. The exercise again will be stressing the use of Winlink, using Red Cross forms and use any connection that is available via RF UHF, VHF, HF or telnet. Many of you that participated in the spring exercise, should have received practice notices to prepare you for the fall exercise using ICS-213 forms etc.  I will be involved with local VE testing myself but intend to play in the afternoon. More information will become available.

I would like to welcome Al Van Dyke WB8RDG of Burlington  and Joe Warren KB9LXH of McKee as a new ORS stations for Kentucky.

Thanks to all that are participating in ARES Connect.  Please make sure that when you register for a net, meeting, or exercise, please put your time in as well or make sure someone is placing the time in for the event.

Have a great upcoming holiday season.

Steve W4NHO


Hello Everyone:
It has been a while since we have visited.  We are still working as your Section Manager. We miss the ability to visit with you.

It is my privilidge to welcome a new appointee to our field service organizatoin. I am happy to appoint Mr. Jack Hedges KY4TPR from Frankfort as a new SGL, State Government Liaison for Kentucky.

Jack has already hit the ground running as a liaison to the KY State Transportation Cabinet in reference to the current KY Amateur Radio license plate regarding a possible revision.  A consensus for a new plate has been made and a presentation will be made later this year with KYTC. Please give Jack a welcome and encouragement as he performs his duties as SGL.

An important exercise is just around the corner and that is the annual SET, "Simulated Emergency Test", Saturday October 3rd.  This test is held every fall to help sharpen our skills as amateur operators.  As operators, it is our duty under Part 97 of the FCC regs, that we support our communities in times of disasters. 

The event will occur at 8 AM C / 9 AM E on a local basis for all amateurs to check into their local emergency net to send a participation message to the KYSEC, Rich Henderson KN4MAA. Furthermore, each county may send a message to their local EMA director or designee plus one message per county to our GL Director, Mr Dale Williams WA8EFK. A packet will out soon regarding the exercise.

The weekend of Nov 13-14, Kentucky will again participate in a fall exercise regarding the Red Cross. Stay tuned.

Look forward to hearing your county on the air in this upcoming SET.




Hello Everyone:
Well, the year is more than half over and summer is 1/3 of the way over but it seems that COVID19 is here forever.  If you have not heard, all the Hamfests for the the remainer of the year, "except" maybe Hazard, has been cancelled due to COVID19.  We hope that 2021 will be better for all.

However, there is good news, amateur radio is alive and well, probably more folks are on the air, then in a long time. What about Field Day? Did you have fun, make a lot of contacts?  I enjoyed supporting our local club by operating from home QTH running CW.  In my opinion, I like this years structure, I beleive there were more stations on the air for Field Day indivdiually than the large transmitter class operations.

How has the exams been turning out? Our local had a fairly good turn out on the 11th and had everyone but a couple walk out of the exam with a piece of paper in their hand, looking for information on what to do next.  I gave all applicants a card to the new issue of "On the Air".  If you have not looked at the issues thus far, please do so.  Excellent job, ARRL  There is an app on your phone to review all magzaize publications had, called "ARRL Magazine", take a look at it.

Don't miss the ARRL Learning Network podcast coming up., check out this weeks ARRL LETTER for details.  Some very good presentatons scheduled. Seats may be limited.

ARRL BOARD had its first virtual board meeting this past week end.  Everyone is waiting on who may be named as the new CEO and possibly the EMCOMM director, both very important positions. Stay tuned.

Tom Delaney W8WTD, current Vice Director GL has decided not to seek another term. We all wish the best to Tom and thank you for all the service you have provided and especially the trips into KENTUCKY.  If you see Tom on the stump before the end of the year, wish him well and give him thanks.

I am still around folks. Miss seeing you at the hamfests though.  Continue to support ARES Connect, make sure your neighbor gets signed in and your local net is counted.  It is not up to the SM or SEC to do all the entries. Put your oar in the water and help row the boat.

Stay safe, be cool.  Until next time.











KENTUCKY QSO PARTY is this weekend June 6th. Begins at 9 AM to 9 PM. Exchange RST and county.  All modes, CW, SSB, digital RTTY etc.  For details see  Send LOGS to by June 25.  Good Luck.


Hello Everyone:
I hope that you have coped the best you can in regards to our current COVID-19 pandemic.  There is a dim light surfacing as stores, restaurants, barber shops ("yea!) and beauty shops begin to open up.  As you can already tell, there is a cost to all of this on the front and back end.  Health wise I hope you made it through without any difficulties.

The past two weekends we have had some interesitng exercises. Even though a small group participated, it is what I thought may participate.  I realize digital is not for everyone but it is something we must have in our toolbox and be able to take it on the road if needed.  The only way to be sufficent in it is too practice.  Over 1000 folks participated in this past weekend's exercise with the Red Cross across the US.  I do not know the final tally at this point.  Many things were taught and learned and we still have questions unanswered.  That is good, it doesn't get dull.

I hope that you have caught the news that for this year only, Field Day 2020, 1D stations "at home" can work any class plus 1D.  That will be a bonus for those decide to participate in Field Day 2020 from home.  Main point, have fun whether you participate at home or your favorate park or hilltop. Main thing, be safe.

Next hamfest approaching in Kentucky is Lexington Bluegrass in August. Watch for details, as of this date,it is still on for August 8.

Look for details of the upcoming election for Director and Vice Director for the Great Lakes Division.  Incumbents are running, will there be anyone else placing their hat in the ring?

Thanks for being a part of Amateur Radio and ARRL. May your electrons keep flowing.

Steve W4NHO





As we approach the weekends of May 23 and May 30, it will be a learning adventure. We all may fall short of our goal. However, for it to be successfull we must take that first step.  I believe we will concentrate on FLDIGI.  We have been using it on the state wide digital net on 3.587 on a weekly basis.  It will be fun to use it on VHF and HF.

Down load FLDIGI and try getting a couple of operators trained you county. These exercise will tell us where we need to work and we will start from there. Lets have fun. Technology is an open door.  More information forthcoming.




The weekends of May 23 and 30 exercises will be held across Kentucky . Anyone can participate.  There will be information sent out this week regarding the exercises planned. They will be similar in nature as last years Shaken Fury. The state is not conducting an exercise this May.  This will be taking its place.

You will asked to submit traffic specific to your county for May 23. It will be a morning exercise. HF and VHF communications will be used. Digital communications will be exercised between and counties through their district.  If you do not have a district EC or a county EC, then instructions will be given on how to move your traffic.

Why do we need to practice digital communications? It is the mode of choice in any FEMA specific disaster or exercise.  It is the most accurate way to move traffic. Many fill that are not capable of learning it.  All of us start on the ground floor and move upward sometime. I would like to encourage someone take on the challenge to make sure at least 2 to 4 people per county are trained and are available to relocate to an adjacent county if needed to move traffic. HF communications and digital DMR; DSTAR and Fusion will be used for coordination to move traffic. 

May 30 will be an involvement of Red Cross.  The morning event will be used to introduce chapter personnel with local amateurs in their area, if not done so previously. There are now only 5 chapters in Kentucky. Information will be provided as how to locate your chapter. They are interested also in how to move Red Cross forms via digital communications.  The afternoon session will be working with other states.  Easiest way to learn, is do so on a local basis via VHF. Get a group together and experiment to get your signal on air and move forrms. It takes practice.  That is why we are working on it. It is something you cannot pull out of box or drawer once year and remember exactly how it works. Encourage you to document your process. Don't be afraid to seek assistance.  Best of luck, have fun.

More information will be forethcoming. 


Steve W4NHO





I hope everyone is surviving the cabin fever atmosphere. I realize it is tough for everyone. With the current pandemic, another casualty in regards to hamfests, that is the Princeton Hamfest on June 6th has been cancelled.

I am still looking for anyone willing to assume the Affilated Club Coordinator position.  Also, we are still looking for anyone to assist on rebuilding the Kentucky webpage to bring it up to date.

Everyone please stay safe. 


Due to our current health concerns, it is sad that I report the April 4, Etown Hamfest has been cancelled. Look forward to next year.



Ladies and Gentlemen:

We as a country are now facing unprecedented times.  As of this time, we do not know what the future holds.  We as amateurs each have standards we keep.  Other sections are making requests that we stand down in regards to public events etc.  I will entertain requests to do otherwise. However, at this time, I believe it should be a local and personal choice in regards to public gatherings. Be smart, use suggested health procedures as we move forward.  Please keep us informed of your decisions.

Is your radio club a Special Service Club? If the criteria for Special Service Club could be change, what would be your recommendations? Myself, I feel there should be more benefits to the club and its members by the League. What should they be? It is a great honor to be a SSC. My local club has been a SSC and to maintain that criteria is difficult in this day. What efforts can your club make to become a SSC? What changes would you make for the recognition if you could? Let me here from you. Thanks. Steve W4NHO KY SM



The information below is very relavent and needs your attention.  The ARRL Letter addresses this in more detail this week.  If possible please provide input.

Suggestions from the Amateur Radio community on its report to the ARRL Board. At the Board's January meeting, the committee presented its specific recommendations in graphical form for each HF band and each US license class, with the goal of increasing harmony on the HF bands, particularly between CW and digital users.

The recommendations can be found online in PDF format on the web site.

"In general, the committee is of the opinion that there is
justification for additional space to become available for digital modes, as well as for the operation of digital stations under automatic control," the committee told the Board. "The very changes in spectrum usage that have required our committee's resurgence indicate that digital modes of communication are already increasing in popularity, and the trend is expected to continue or even accelerate. To this end, we have tried to ensure that digital allocations are sufficient for at least a modicum of growth."

The committee also anticipates an increase in automatically
controlled digital stations (ACDS). The report further points to "significant use" of modern data modes in emergency communication and said its recommendations provide significant support for the evolution and continued relevance of amateur radio.  "Our failure to adapt to these needs could consign amateur radio to the technological scrap heap," the report said.

The committee was revived last summer to consider conflicts between FT and JT modes and other modes. The panel's approach has been to designate distinct assignments for CW, narrowband (NB) data 500 Hz, wideband (WB) data 2800 Hz, and ACDS. For its work, the committee presumed approval of three ARRL petitions to the FCC: RM-11708 (WT Docket WT 16-239-"symbol rate" proceeding), RM-11759 (80/75 meter allocations), and RM-11828 (enhanced Technician privileges).  The
committee also assumed that users can agree to sharing arrangements within a given allocation-narrowband vs wideband sharing within the ACDS allocation, for example. It also took into consideration how mode usage is regulated or planned elsewhere in the world.

In terms of mode classes, the committee agreed on CW, NB data, WB data, NB with ACDS, and WB with ACDS. The committee said it considered these mode classes incompatible and that they should not have overlapping allocations, with the exception of CW, which is authorized within any amateur radio allocation. The committee's approach would maintain the existing low-end 25-kHz CW-only sub-bands for exclusive use by Amateur Extra class licensees.

The panel encouraged CW identification and a listen-before-transmitting protocol for ACDS, if feasible. It also
decided that a single allocation for ACDS without regard to
bandwidth would be the best approach. "We note that this will put responsibility on the digital community to hold an effective dialog on the issue and to then self-regulate the users of this segment to adhere to the eventual agreement." A need for flexibility in allocations is desirable, the committee said, and considered whether allocations might be time-of-day or time-of-week dependent, for example.

"Modern amateurs must expect to adapt to this kind of fluid
assignment of spectrum to incompatible uses, using time-based
sharing, rather than only a single assignment," the committee said, expressing the hope that as band plan/sharing agreements are reached that they consider the advantage of non-simultaneous sharing possibilities.

Reiterating the position ARRL has taken in recent FCC filings, the committee said it sees encryption and open-source as enforcement matters as being outside the scope of the Band Planning Committee.

The Committee would like comments by February 19.  Comments may be filed online at, .



 I hope everyone has entered the New Year healthy and wise.  Propagation has still been difficult on the weekly KEN HF but many checks ins have been available through DMR DSTAR and WIREX modes.  KEN will attempt another session on Monday Jan 20th.

Section Managers across the US gathered on a teleconferece call to discuss common stragedy and problems that involve ARRL SMs.

As we begin 2020 lets remember our friends in Puerto Rico that was hit with continued earthquakes since Dec 28.  Started with 2.8 to 6.4 and with 500 refugees to now over 9000.  Oscar KP4RF SM for PR provided SMs with an update.  The SW portion of the island is in shambles and refugees do not stray far from their homes. Progress will be slow.  UHF / VHF communicatons are assisting ARC on the island. After shocks will continue to be a problem for the next couple of months. 

ARES Connect continues to be used by more sections and other sections are wanting information to start or continue.  How to we make amateur radio a useful product for public service agencies going forward?  Can amateur radio be dependable product for the future. 

As mentioned previously, please update your affiliated club information with the League inregards to a change officers for 2020 and a good contact person.  Remember to take advantage of the rebates involved for new League members and a small rebate for newals that is available for clubs.

Remember the new publication "On the Air" is available to members as well. This publication will be viewable at upcoming hamfests. 

Remember the upcoming hamfest in Cave City March 7.  



I hope all had a very blessed Christmas and will have a joyous new year! Thank you for your participation and support in ARRL.  The future is exciting. Encourage your club members to participate and make sure you update your affiliated club information for the new year.

If you are not involved in ARES Connect, please register, even if you don't plan to participate.  If you check into a net you will be given credit for that net or event participation. 

As mentioned previously, we are moving with ARES Connect. January 2020 will be with ARES Connect and the use of the Netlogger program. We will use Netlogger to bring nets up to speed during the month.  Rich is working with Netlogger summaries. 

Nets will be back to their normal schedule after January 2nd. Propagation is still poor. Continue to check band conditions.

Hope to hear everyone on the bands. Have a joyous new year!



Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving and the greatest of the approaching Holiday Season. Thank you for your support in the ARES Connect and we continue to learn the system and build it for the future.

Don't forget to share information with you local club and your weekly or daily net regarding ARES Connect.  
No where else can you find your weekly activities regarding amateur radio in Kentucky then on the calander of ARES Connect.  Remember it is not only about ARES but other activities regarding amateur radio in your community. It is your horn to toot.  

The more information that is placed on the calendar, the better we are prepared for the future, which actually means less paper work. 
Shortly, all that have registered will be able to go back in the calendar and place activity (hours) they may for forgotten during the month on the calendar, such as meetings, nets or working on the local repeater. 
Bottom line, have fun regarding amateur radio.
Have a blessed day!


Please help us get ARES Connect off the ground in a reliable fashion by submitting any of your NIMS courses by scanning your certificate(s) and a copy of your transcripts to myself or Rich Henderson KN4MAA, Temail;  We are trying to verify the information that has currently been placed on KY ARES Connect.  The only way  that is possible is to go through this process.  Your cooperation is very helpful. There has been emails sent out to ARES admins in regards to this topic. We are wanting to get this completed by the end of November.  If you see you status on ARES Connect change, this is what is taking place upon verification. If you see it change and you have not sent in proper documents, please do so.


Reminder: please register on the KY ARES Connect yourself and your station capablilites:


Saturday, October 5, 2019
Vett City Hamfest - Bowling Green, KY
WKU Knicely Conference Center
2355 Nashville Rd.
8:30 AM to 3 PM 

For information: 
Frank Armstrong KI4HEJ, Hamfest Chair

Bluegrass ARC / Lexington KY Hamfest Saturday Aug 10
1230 Eastland D

Please drop by the ARRL Booth or attend the League forum @ 10 AM
Tom Delaney W8WTD Vice Director GL Director also will be attending.

Photos attached to Media Download of Louisa Hamfest 2019




See downloads below


See downloads below



Regarding upcoming Shaken Fury and the Dayton Hamvention 2019.

See downloads below.




Ladies and Gentlemen:

Due to the upcoming Havention and waiting for more accurate informaiton regarding the upcoming "Shaken Fury" exercise, the Section News will come out approximately a week later.  

Sorry for the inconvience.


Steve Morgan W4NHO



4/30/19 / 5/6/19




ARRL Communications Manager David Isgur, N1RSN, has prepared the following press release.   We invite you to share this press release with members in your ARRL Section.  If you are available, you are invited to make a contact with ARRL CEO Howard Michel, WB2ITX, when he operates from W1AW on May 13th at 1800 UTC on or around 14.250 MHz.

New Section News added to download section below.
Please scan to the bottom of page.


Another page turns
New addition
See Downloads below



New Section News March 2019
See Downloads below



New Section News February 2019
See Downloads below


New Section News January 2019
See Downloads below

New Section News December 2018
See Downloads below



An inoverten oversight in my November 2018 Section News.  

I should have listed W4NJA Paducah Amateur Radio also was the top KY finisher in their 3A catagory in FD 2018.  My list was looking at the top 10 catagory but they too deserve recognition.

Well Done !


Please see downloads below.


Please see downloads below.


Reminder:  Hazard KY  Hamfest October 27th




Attention all ECs and DECS, KY Connect will become operational January 2019.  Make sure you have registered your county or counties.  If not, please register at this


You will receive further instructions in the near future.


New Section News - September 2018 See Downloads











New Section News - August 2018: See Downloads

Note: KY State ARRL Convention
Greater Louisville Hamfest

Shepherdsville, KY
September 8, 2018





New Section News - July 2018

See Downloads 



Welcome Mr Ron Goodpaster AG4TY of Liberty  as the new SEC effective July 1. Our thanks go to Mr Kenny Garrett N4KLG for his service as SEC. Kenny has become the new Henderson Co EMA director. We wish him much success.

Also, welcome Mr Gary Kohtala K7EK of Radcliff as the new OOC effective July 1.  Gary brings much experience to this position.  Also, cannot say enough for the service of Mr. Bill Hilyerd K4LRX as the outgoing OOC. Bill has served faithfully in that position since 1993, Wow! Bill retired to play with the grandkids! 




HARC Henderson Amateur Radio Club, Henderson KY
OARC Owensboro Amateur Radio Club, Owensboro KY
JAWS Jessimine Co ARC Club, Nicholasville KY
CKARC  Central KY Amateur Radio Club, Richmond KY
 RATS Ruckerville Amateur Transimitting Society, Ruckerville KY
          Wilderness Road Amateur Radio Club, Danville KY
          Anderson Co. Club - Lawarenceburg KY


I hope everyone made plenty of contacts, had great fellowship and enjoyed all the food and hospitality.  I wish I could have been a part of every FD. Enjoyed meeting with the HARC and OARC club members.

Our new coming SEC (JUL 1), Mr. Ron Goodpaster AG4TY made the circuit in Central KY and reported good things from the central part of the state. I hope that many other clubs will continue to give ARES a second look. Good things will happen with all pushing the same direction.  Look forward to seeing and hearing from all amateur radio clubs and groups and or individuals. Keep up the good work.




New KY Section News - June 2018
In the download files - near the bottom of page
"June KY Column"


Upcoming Comex June 13

1pm-3pm EST


Auxiliary Communications (AUXCOM) Radio Check




The AUXCOM radio check will be focused on testing and identifying issues with the SWP amateur radio station and the Emergency Management Mobile Command Vehicle (EMMCV) amateur radio station.  Any equipment issues will be documented. HF/VHF&UHF, voice & digital, and WINLINK systems will be tested.

Please check with your District or Region Coordinator




New Section New uploaded.  
Still in search of anyone interested in the ACC position or the SGL position in our FSD.  



New section news column for April is presented at the bottom of the page under downloads.  Also, I had no requests involving the interest of ACC "Affiliated Club Coordinator" and SGL "State Government Liaison" for our field services.  Please step to the plate and assist your ARRL FSD.



New section news column presented at the bottom of the page under downloads.  


I hope someone in the state is interested in the position for Affiliated Club Coordinator ACC.  Please review job details on the League website club coordinator 



Welcome Ed Lemley K4XXX as the new EC for Laurel CO Our thanks go to Gary Rosenau KW4YQ out going EC for Laurel CO.



Welcome Phyllis Blasser KY4PB Henderson CO EC

Our thanks go Rick King AB4JE  EC Perry CO - has resigned as EC. Now recruitiing anyone interested in assuming EC in Perry CO.

Please let Kenny N4KLG or myself if your ARES is activated due to recent flooding or storms to provide any type of service.



2017 Annual ARES report under downloads belows including all Section News for the KY Section.


Recruitment for ACC and SGL FSD appointments are open due to the resignation of Mark N4VER.  If interested, please contact me and I will send you additional infomation.  

It is regret that I announce the resignation of  our current ACC, SGL Mark Currens, N4VER.  Mark has served and represented the Kentucky Section well for the last several years. Mark is beginning to enjoy retirement and other things and we wish him well in his future life.

On the otherhand, I welcome 2 new DECs in the KY Section.
Joseph Warren KB9LXH  District 11
McKee, KY

Eric Carroll  N4IST District 13
Winchester, KY


These guys are stepping up to the plate and assuming additional duties. If you can assist them by volunteering as EC in their appropriate districts please get in touch with them.


 Welcome new and or renewed ARRL Members: Feb 3, 2018

KN4GNT Steven Barker Prospect KY
WA4YPQ George Allen Radcliff KY
WA4PBH William Smith Louisville KY
Benjamin Francis Georgetown KY
KA4BHA Tommy Shelton Mount Sterling KY
KD2DYJ Joseph Fratello Owenton KY
KY4RW Kenneth Whitehouse Danville KY
KL1SE Shell Stevens Danville KY
KN4AOQ Laura Lamb Lancaster KY
KK4OMI Joseph Brown Richmond KY
KF4EFJ Joshua Matthews Lexington KY
KN4HVX Mark Elliott Lexington KY
KM4FRQ Michael Smith London KY
KB9AT John Loughmiller Alexandria KY
KC8MNZ Terry Shoemaker Independence KY
K4HCS Henry Collier Jenkins KY
KC8EKF Joe Lawrence Paducah KY
Jeffrey Newnum Benton KY
KD4GCY Garry Wheatley Boaz KY
KN4IRO Donald Edwards Murray KY
KA4WWS Timothy Edmonson Murray KY
KN4IRU Diana Mishica Murray KY
KN4IRT Tracy Mckinney Murray KY
KM4ZUD Michael Wright Murray KY
KN4IRX Christa Wright Murray KY
KN4JAL James White Bowling Green KY
KG4ABA Lynn Traylor Glasgow KY
AJ4KR James Raymer Smiths Grove KY
K4ANS Alive Sellars Hopkinsville KY
KA4NWI Marilyn Rowlett Hopkinsville KY
W4UJK Jerry Maren Owensboro KY
N4OTS Harold Cannon Owensboro KY
NU4J Harry Clinton Henderson KY
WD4FSQ Dorsey Stapleton Elizabethtown KY

Congratulation new or upgraded amateurs: Feb 3, 2018

KN4JCS John Clements Lockport KY
KN4IXV Eric Wiete Louisville KY
KN4JCV Toni Fitzpatrick Lawrenceburg KY
KN4IWL Tobias Gedenk Morehead KY
N4IZE Jackson Cecil

Links: Your source for KY ARRL/ARES and other Info, Kentucky Section Facebook Page, February 2018 ARES

Kentucky Officials

  • Gregory Lamb

    Public Info Coordinator

    Gregory T. Lamb W0QI

  • Mark Volstad

    Section Youth Coordinator

    Mark J. Volstad AI4BJ

  • Charles Milam

    Technical Coordinator

    Charles Robert Milam N9KY

  • William Call

    Assistant Section Manager

    William L. Call KJ4W

  • Glenn Foley

    Assistant Section Manager

    Glenn A. Foley KO4OL

  • Steve Morgan

    Section Traffic Manager,
    Affiliated Club Coordinator

    Steve Morgan W4NHO

  • Jack Hedges

    State Government Liaison

    Jack A. Hedges KY4TPR


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