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Contact Information

Section Name:
Alan D. Morgan, KY1O
Daytime Phone:
(859) 753-5092
Evening Phone:
(859) 753-5092

Basic Information

Great Lakes


I want to thank all Kentucky ARRL Members for allowing me to serve as your Kentucky Section Manager for this past 2-year term! Steve Morgan, W4NHO will take over as SM on April 1, 2017 and I know he will do a great job promoting ARRL and improving our great hobby of Amateur Radio across the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Please give Steve your full support as he hits the ground running in this capacity. You can reach Steve at this email address:

Thanks & 73,

Alan D. Morgan, KY1O - ARRL Kentucky Section Manager




KENTUCKY SECTION NEWS - December 21, 2016

I want to take this opportunity to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas & a safe and healthy Happy New Year for 2017! Please enjoy quality time with your family and friends during this holiday season.


Alan D. Morgan, KY1O - ARRL Kentucky Section Manager


KENTUCKY SECTION NEWS - November 7, 2016

Hamfest season in KY has come and gone for another year. I want to thank the many who supported these events through attendance, being a vendor, working at the events, securing prizes, setting up tables and chairs, and the very many other tasks that have to be done to put on these hamfests in support of our great hobby! May next year in 2017 be another fun Hamfest season across the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

This coming weekend (1400z Sat Nov.12 to 0200z Sun Nov.13) is the KY QSO Party and we need HF operators on the air to support this event sponsored by the Western KY DX Association. More info and rules can be found at:

Kentucky Emergency Net (KEN) is still looking for a few NCS volunteers to take a turn and help out with the net on Monday evenings at 7:30 PM ET. Contact either the Section Traffic Manager at: or the Section Emergency Coordinator at: if you or someone you know may be interested.

If you have ham related news to share please email it to: Greg Lamb, W0QI who is Public Information Coordinator/Assistant Section Manager - Region 3 at: If you email him photos then give a description of the event, photo credit, along with who is shown in the photo from left to right as he would greatly appreciate that and ARRL HQ may use some of these photos as well in their PR efforts.

Holiday season is upon us now, so I want to remind everyone to make some quality time for family and friends and spread some love and good cheer all around (yes, especially on the air)... who knows old St Nick may just put something nice that is ham related in your big stocking this year and appoint you as an honorary elf or something.

Thanks & 73,

Alan, KY1O - ARRL Kentucky Section Manager


KENTUCKY SECTION NEWS - September 13, 2016

Upcoming KY Hamfests:

CKARS - Richmond, KY - September 24

KCARC - Bowling Green, KY - October 1

KMARC - Hazard, KY - October 29

Many thanks to all who worked so very hard to bring you the Greater Louisville Hamfest & ARRL Kentucky State Convention! If I started mentioning names I am sure to miss someone, so I will just say a huge thanks to all who help to make it such a success and to all those who attended and took part in the many varied activities this year! Put on your calendar for next year's GLH for 9/9/2017.

Our Kentucky Lt. Governor Jenean M. Hampton, K5EIB was a big hit at this year's event and she was very well received by many who got a chance to talk to her and have photos taken with her as well. She gave a great welcome speech to those in attendance too. Our thanks to Jenean, K5EIB for all her support of ham radio across the Commonwealth of Kentucky. The Lt Gov also stated that she desires to see much more involvement with amateur radio operators between KyEM and local Emergency Management Agencies too.

The Royal Order of Wouff Hong Ceremony inducted over 50 ARRL Members into the Order during the convention as well. Buddy, KC4WQ had a great team to put on this ceremony, so many thanks to them for volunteering to play their respective parts!

Thanks & 73,

Alan, KY1O ARRL Kentucky Section Manager


KENTUCKY SECTION NEWS - August 10, 2016 (Revised 8/15/2016)

Upcoming KY Hamfests:

GLHA - Shepherdsville, KY - September 10

CKARS - Richmond, KY - September 24

KCARC - Bowling Green, KY - October 1

KMARC - Hazard, KY - October 29

The ARRL/ARES KY Leadership Team has been working on setting up for the ARRL Kentucky State Convention in conjunction with the Greater Louisville Hamfest from 8 AM to 2 PM on Saturday, September 10, 2016 at the Paroquet Springs Conference Center off of I-65 at exit 117 in Shepherdsville, KY. Please plan on attending next month and stay the full day as there are many fun activities going on all day during this event up until 2 PM. We encourage all ARRL Members to attend the Wouff Hong Ceremony at Noon(you need to preregister for this ceremony to get your certificate on Many thanks go out to Bob, K4RVM the Hamfest Committee Chairperson who has done a lions share of work putting it all together along with the other committee members.

Kentucky LT Governor Jenean Hampton, K5EIB will be present at the GLH & ARRL Kentucky State Convention from 8 to 9am and will give a Welcome address and discuss her ham radio adventures with the group. The LT Gov will be available for photos at the ARRL booth from around 8 to 8:30am as well.

Please plan on attending the events above and supporting the sponsors of them and certainly enjoy the comradery and fun to be had by all in attendance. There will be ARRL/ARES forums at these hamfests so try to sit in on those as well and enjoy the discussions on latest news and events.

There is an opening in KyARES for an Assistant Section Emergency Coordinator - Weather (ASEC-Wx). If interested, please contact the KY SEC - Cecil Dennis, K4TCD at: or send me at email to This is a final call to anyone interested in serving in this position as we have had 4 people interested so far in volunteering.

Richard F. Haltermon, KD4PYR from Union, KY was recently appointed as KyARES Assistant Section Emergency Coordinator for Region 3 (ASEC3) covering Districts 6 & 7 in KY. Congratulations to Rick and we want to thank him for volunteering to serve in this capacity. Also, many thanks to Dennis Lutz, W2QN for his service as ASEC3 in the past.

There are still some volunteer opportunities available within the ARRL Kentucky Section, so visit this website to see if you may be interested in serving in one of them soon:

If you have amateur radio news to share with others please send it to: ARRL Kentucky Section Public Information Coordinator Greg Lamb, W0QI at

If you want to know about Amateur Radio Emergency Services in the ARRL Kentucky Section please contact: Section Emergency Coordinator Cecil Dennis, K4TCD at

If you need information about interference or have a complaint about inappropriate or illegal amateur operations please contact: ARRL Kentucky Section Official Observer Coordinator Bill Hilyerd, K4LRX at

If you are needing some technical assistance with amateur radio or related information you can contact: ARRL Kentucky Section Technical Coordinator Chuck Milam, N9KY at

The four or five volunteers listed above are just a few of the many volunteers available in the ARRL Kentucky Section ready to assist you as ARRL Members, so take advantage of their services when needed.

Thanks & 73,

Alan, KY1O ARRL Kentucky Section Manager

Links: Your source for KY ARRL/ARES and other Info, Kentucky Section Facebook Page

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