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Jim Brooks, KY4Z
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(502) 349-2099
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(502) 349-2099

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Great Lakes


A FINAL FROM KY4Z.  As the end of the month of March approaches, warm weather and hamfest season have arrived! 

This month marks the final days of my term as Kentucky Section Manager. Alan Morgan, KY1O, will be Kentucky SM on April 1st. Please join me in welcoming Alan as SM. He brings many years of ham radio experience, as well as experience in emergency services and real enthusiasm for our hobby.

I wish to thank all of you who participated in any of the ARRL-sponsored programs -- volunteer testing, ARES, the OO program and those of you who supported the ARRL in Kentucky during my eight years as SM. It was only with your support that the ARRL programs function, and again, my thanks to all of you who volunteer your time and talent to your community and Amateur Radio.

One of the ARRL's most important programs is ARES, and I must thank all of you who volunteer your efforts in your local programs. My  thanks as well to the many coordinators who make the program work on the county, district and regional level. 

Thanks also to those who served in the important Section Emergency Coordinator position - Jim McDonnell, W2LTB, Kenny Garrett, N4KLG, and John Hudson, KO4XJ. I would be remiss if I did not also give my thanks to Pat Spencer, KD4PWL, the founder of KYHAM. net website for his website work and his long support of the KY ARES program, and to Roman Rusinek, KE6YCW, who now serves ad KYHAM administrator, as well as collects and manages all the reports submitted by KY ARES coordinators. 

Also stepping down at the end of the month is Kentucky Section Emergency Coordinator John Hudson, KO4XJ. My special thanks to John for stepping up and taking on an important volunteer position. 

And thanks to many others who have served in my Section Cabinet over the years. There are opportunities to fill a number of vacancies in the cabinet as Alan, KY1O, takes over as SM. If you are interested in stepping up to consider a statewide volunteer position, contact Alan, KY1O. The volunteer cabinet positions include:

Section Emergency Coordinator
Affiliated Club Coordinator
State Government Liaison
Public Information Coordinator
Technical Coordinator
Section Youth Coordnator

For more information, click the links for the ARRL position descrptions.

My thanks again for your support during my term as SM. I look forward to see you all again on the hamfest circuit.


Jim Brooks, KY4Z
KY Section Manager, 2007-2015



CONGRATS KY1O.  Please join me in congratulating Alan Morgan, KY1O, who is now Kentucky Section Manager-elect and will begin his term on April 1, 2015. Between now and then, Alan and I will be working together in order to effect a smooth transition when his term begins. 

FORMER SM BILL USCHAN, K4MIS, SK.  Former Kentucky Section Manager Bill Uschan, K4MIS, became a Silent Key on Wednesday, Nov. 19, 2014, following a short illness in Appleton, Wisconson. He was a retired employee of the Kentucky Department of Finance. In 2013, he moved to Appleton to be close to his sister and brother. He was a long time member and former president of the Capital Amateur Society. He served in communications for KY Emergency Management at the state Emergency Operations Center at Boone Center. He supported Franklin County Emergency Management, the American Red Cross, and Skywarn ham radio operations. He was a member of the Frankfort Police Citizens and a member of Franklin County CERT. He also participated in many local and state disasters and was active in many KY Emergency Management exercises until falling ill. Additionally, Bill served several years as an Assistant Section Manager.

PSHR REPORTS.  Thanks to Roman Rusinek, KE6YCW, the Kentucky Public Service Honor Roll (PSHR) reports are now compiled into the monthly section ARES/NTS spreadsheet information that is archived. 

Additionally, the PSHR reports are forwarded to ARRL HQ for inclusion in the Field Organization Reports column each month in QST magazine.  While we certainly honor everyone's input, the Honor Roll listing is formal recognition of those ham volunteers who accumulate 70 points or more in a month.

How do you earn points? Through your public service activities -- traffiic handling, appointments, participation in a public service net, emergency operations or public service communications support. For the details on the PSHR, visit

For the last few months, only one station is regularly filling out a monthly PSHR report. Not only does your report put your volunteerism into numbers, it also provides you with feedback on the work you do -- and recognition as well.

The report also helps HQ track the public service and traffic handling activities in each Section. We need your participation!! To submit your PSHR report, visit the KYHAM website reports page here:

BOY SCOUT AMATUER RADIO AWARD. The Boy Scouts of America, in conjunction with the ARRL, created a new service award called the "Amateur Radio Service to Scouting Award."

The new award recognizes actively involved Scouting leaders who make a significant contribution to providing Scouts with a memorable and valuable Amateur Radio experience. This program allows Scouting leaders to wear the Community Organization Award square knot on their uniform, in recognition of their service within their community organization.

For more information about the award, visit the BSA website or the ARRL story here:

QST FROM KY4Z.  As the holidays approach, I want to wish all Kentucky's Amateur Radio operators a very Merry Christmas and a safe and joyous New Year.  Though my term doesn't end until the last of March, this is a good time to express my appreciation to all of you for the support I have received over these past eight years of service as Kentucky Section Manager.  I especially wish to thank those who have volunteered and continue to volunteer in various roles both inside and outside ARRL programs, including ARES, the Official Observer program, Volunteer Examiner program, etc. There's no greater service one can ask than to help your community. Thank you all!



KY ARES CONFERENCE CANCELED. The KY ARES Conference planned for Nov. 8th has been canceled. Thanks to everyone who took time to pre-register for the conference, and we look forward to scheduling one in the future.

VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITY. There area a number of opportunities if you would like to step up and volunteer to help the Amateur Radio community.

SECTION MANAGER.  I will not be running for another term as Section Manager when my term ends in March 2015.  I have enjoyed serving the Kentucky Section, but it is time for another person to take on the job.  The SM position is an elected volunteer, and the filing deadline comes up near the end of this year. Visit the job description on the ARRL website (, or drop me an e-mail if you are interested.

AFFILIATED CLUB COORDINATOR.  This volunteer position works to assist ARRL-affiliated clubs and helps recruit and coordinate new clubs, and help them coordinate activities and programs.  Read the ARRL ACC job description at

EMERGENCY COORDINATOR.  Does your county have an Emergency Coordinator? If you aren't sure, check, click "Local Info"; click your county which will bring you to your district and a list of counties and the volunteers.

VETTE CITY HAMFEST.  Due to an unexpected hospital stay, I was unable to attend the Vette City Hamfest in Bowling Green on Oct. 4th. But Great Lakes Division Director Dale Williams, WA8EFK, came down for the fest. I worked with Dale for the years when he was Michigan Section Manager, and I can attest that we have a great voice representing Kentucky, Ohio and Michigan on the ARRL Board of Directors.

PSHR REPORTS.  Thanks to the hard work of Roman Rusinek, the section Public Service Honor Roll reports are now going to be archived each month in the KY Section ARES and NTS report compiled by Roman Rusinek, KE6YCW. The monthly PSHR totals are reported to ARRL HQ and published each month in QST.

NEED YOUR REPORTS!  If you are helping pass traffic, hold an appointment or are involved in other public service activities, please visit the PSHR report form on the website. 

HAMFEST CALENDAR. The final Kentucky hamfest of the year is in Hazard on the Friday before Halloween, Oct. 28th. I look forward every fall to my trip south of the "Kudzu Line" for the Hazard Hamfest.  Hope to see you soon in Hazard!



KENTUCKY SECTION NEWS - AUGUST 2014. Many thanks to the Bluegrass Amateur Radio Society for their great hamfest on Sunday, Aug. 10! My son and I had a great time catching up with old friends and meeting new ones. The threat of rain never materialized, and the tailgating went on without delay -- though most of the sellers came prepared for inclement weather.

WELCOME TO THE NEW GREAT LAKES DIRECTOR, VICE-DIRECTOR. Please join me in welcoming our new division leadership, Dale Williams, WA8EFK and Tom Delaney, W8WTC, our new director and vice-director respectively.

I have worked closely with Dale in my nearly 8 years as SM, starting when he was Michigan Section Manager. Dale served as Great Lakes Division Vice-Director for the past four years and became director when former Director Jim Weaver, K8JE, stepped down in July. We extend Jim our appreciation for a job well done in his 12 years as director!

SAVE THE DATE: KY ARES CONFERENCE IS NOV. 8.  Saturday, Nov. 8th is the KY ARES Conference, which convenes once again at the Nelson County Civic Center in Bardstown.  If you have suggestions for the conference agenda, please contact the SM or SEC -- we want the conference to offer useful information for our section volunteers.

HAMFEST CALENDAR. The Greater Louisville Hamfest is once again also serving as the Kentucky Section ARRL Convention! The hamfest is only weeks away, and we look forward to seeing everyone there!

Sept. 13 - Ricmond Hamfest

Oct. 4 - Vette City Hamfest, Bowling Green

Oct. 25 - Hazard Hamfest

PSHR REPORTS. The section Public Service Honor Roll reports are now going to be archived each month in the KY Section ARES and NTS report compiled by Roman Rusinek, KE6YCW. 

VOLUNTEERS WANTED!  The KY ARRL Section is seeking individuals who are interested in helping out the organization on the state level! Contact Section Manager Jim Brooks for more information,

AFFILIATED CLUB COORDINATOR. The ACC is the primary contact and resource person for the ham radio clubs in the state. The ACC provides assistance to clubs and supports them as necessary. For more information on this Section-level appointment visit the ACC job description.

SECTION MANAGER.  My fourth term as Kentucky Section Manager ends on March 31, 2015, and it is time to offer the pass the baton to another volunteer.  The Section Manager is an elected position responsible for carrying out the duties of the office in accordance with policies established by the ARRL board of directors. Click here to read the complete job description


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