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Alan D. Morgan, KY1O
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(859) 753-5092
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(859) 753-5092

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Great Lakes


There is an opening in KyARES for an Assistant Section Emergency Coordinator for Region 3. If interested, please contact the SEC - Cecil Dennis, K4TCD immediately at:

Thanks & 73,

Alan, KY1O ARRL Kentucky Section Manager 



Good Luck to all the groups who will participate in Field Day 2016 this weekend!

Please be extremely careful when using generator equipment and only use electrical cords in good condition, especially if it is in wet conditions. I urge you to use GFCI protection as well.

Thanks & 73,

Alan, KY1O - ARRL Kentucky Section Manager





Please put this on your calendar and make plans to participate this year in this COMEX exercise!


73 & Thanks...


Alan, KY1O


ARRL Kentucky Section Manager



KENTUCKY SECTION NEWS - February 21, 2016

Email sent out by the Kentucky Section Emergency Coordinator:


My name is Cecil Dennis, K4TCD, and I am the Section Emergency Coordinator (SEC) for Kentucky Amateur Radio Emergency Services (ARES), and I live in Kenton  County.  I am contacting you as your county has been identified as one that needs ARES volunteers.  It also maybe that ARES type activities are being done by hams and we simply are not aware.  If that is the case please let me know. 




ARES provides many back up communication services to the community during disaster and community events, and much of it you already do as part of your amateur radio activities.  For example, I am sure some of you, without even much thought, provide weather spotting during snow storms or other weather events by giving reports out over your local repeater to others you know, or maybe even to an organized net.  It’s a great way to get more out of your ham radio hobby and help others.  Whenever possible we coordinate with local emergency services organizations to provide a backup in case a need arises to supplement normal lines of communications.

I will try to answer as many questions as I can, but if you have any more, please send them to me.  You most likely already have the necessary equipment to communicate with those in your community through a local repeater, or maybe even have HF capabilities.  All levels of licenses are a useful part of the ARES system, and all ages and abilities can help to make ARES great.  There is free training provided that you can take at your own pace and time to enhance your knowledge and skills.  ARES does ask that if possible you report your activities through an online, easy to use reporting system so we can gather data on ARES activities in KY. If there is a Club in your county, this is also a great way for your group to be active in your community as a whole, if they are not already doing so.

You can go to and click on your area, then click on the “register for ARES in district” link.  More information on amateur radio in KY can be found at, including all about ARES.   Also, please spread the word to your fellow hams in your area.




Thank you for all you do,




Cecil Dennis


Cecil Dennis K4TCD


ARRL Section Emergency Coordinator - Kentucky 



KENTUCKY SECTION NEWS - December 14, 2015


Report of Activities for 2015 – ARRL Kentucky Section 


Alan D. Morgan, KY1O ARRL Kentucky Section Manager 


I took office as Section Manager on April 1, 2015 (I tell people April Fool’s Day was very appropriate for me to take on a new challenge such as this certainly is in being an SM.) 


My Initial Goals/Priorities as new Section Manager were as follows: 



To update ARRL Field Appointment database – corrections, deletions, and additions. Update Appointment Info on too.



To fill vacant ARRL Field Appointment Positions with active involved amateur operators who want to work as a Leadership TEAM



To increase participation in EMCOMM/ARES Exercises and Events, especially COMEX and SET, as well as regional, district, & local activities.



To form 5 Regional Leadership Teams with ASEC, ASTM, ASM, & PIO. Supported by: SM, SEC, STM, & PIC on a statewide basis. 


It took me over 8 months and still working on corrections, updates, and additions to the Field Appointments and to have ARRL’s database for the Kentucky Section corrected. I very much appreciate Steve Ewald and Leona Adams assistance in this matter as well. 


With the very able assistance of the Assistant Section Manager and Public Information Coordinator for Kentucky Section, Greg Lamb, W0QI (formerly W4TSA) has put us in the forefront of getting timely information out to our ARRL Members across KY. We now use Twitter, Facebook, email distribution, websites ( and other media to keep all who are interested informed of ARRL and other amateur radio related events, such as: contests, operating events, training, testing, technical innovations and information, new equipment available, new hams, new field appointees within our Section, etc. On several instances National ARRL PR has picked up and used our news releases across their media formats too. Kentucky even got a good mention during the SM Workshops for being out in front on use of new media outlets to get the word out to the ARRL members quickly. 


I made a few initial appointments and then had to make some changes for various reasons to form a better leadership team for our Section and now I think we are working out the bugs in our programs to do a better job of implementation into the future. In this vain we held an ARRL Leadership Conference at the Greater Louisville Hamfest in Shepherdsville, KY in September to roll out our new team and information to our leaders/members. This conference was a great success judging from all the positive feedback that I received and the very nice write up it got in the SERA Journal too. 


I am working with the newly appointed Technical Coordinator Chuck Milam, N9KY to form a team of Technical Specialists that can be contacted for information to assist ARRL Members in various aspects of our hobby. Chuck is currently recruiting more folks to serve in the TS capacities on his team. 


Section Emergency Coordinator, Cecil Dennis, K4TCD has hit the ground running in his capacity and got the ball rolling on numerous aspects of ARES Programs across our Section. We started requiring compliance with ARRL and Section rules, policies, and procedures and received quite a few complaints from those who weren’t used to having to meet those guidelines. We even lost a few good ARES Members/Leaders, but some of the basic rules of ARRL Membership, basic level training requirements, monthly reporting, etc. were not being met and had not been enforced in the past by Section Leadership. We even had some complain to the Great Lakes Division and ARRL Headquarters CEO level, but they must understand that if they don’t want to meet basic ARRL/ARES requirements, then their services are no longer needed in this Section's ARRL/ARES Programs. So, we are now passing the forming and storming phases of our new ARES team and moving toward more norming now. 


Our Section Youth Coordinators Mark Volstad, AI4BJ & Lucas Brown, KK4ZNJ are both working on programs and recruitment of youth into our hobby with various scouting and other event outlets. 


I had the Section budget purchase from ARRL Sales 6 of the nice blue background ARRL Banners (one for each of our regions for the ASMs and myself to have on hand for events in their areas). These have worked out very nicely on display at Hamfests, Operating Events, etc. across our Section this year. 


We also are preparing for the NPOTA operations and purchased 2 of the NPOTA Banners to loan out to operators at these events in 2016 in the 2 National Parks in KY. 


I attended the Section Manager Workshop at ARRL Headquarters in Newington, CT. in September and very much enjoyed that training. It was great sharing ideas and information with the 19 other SMs in attendance as well. I took many notes home to KY with me from the Workshop and have worked on implementation of some of them and will continue to promote the ARRL programs in the KY Section. One of the highlights was getting to operate W1AW on air during my visit!


I attended several Hamfests during 2015 across Kentucky and including Charleston, WV & Meriden, CT for the CT State Convention and met with CT & Eastern MA SMs during this event as well. 


I was on a temporary work assignment supposed to only last for 3 months and it turned into 8 months at the US Naval Submarine Base New London in Groton, CT.  I took off a week from work to return to KY to prepare for and attend the ARRL Kentucky Leadership Conference in September. While in NE I traveled up to Maine and met with Bill Crowley SM for Maine and had lunch with him discussing various ARRL/ham related issues too. 


I have been in communication with Ohio, Tennessee, and West Virginia SMs to coordinate activities during 2015 too. 


I have participated in some of the SM Conference Calls quarterly. 


Our ARRL Leadership Team under the leadership and guidance of ASMs are currently working on setting up ARRL/ARES Regional Workshops in each of the 5 regions in Kentucky for 2016. Also, making preparations for the 2016 ARRL State Conference on September 10, 2016 to be held in conjunction with the Greater Louisville Hamfest once again in Shepherdsville, KY. The newly sworn LT Governor of Kentucky, Jenean Hampton, K5EIB will also be extended an invitation to attend the ARRL State Conference and speak to the group in attendance.


Many club meetings were also attended by myself and the ASMs across the Section promoting ARRL Programs and doing membership recruitment for ARRL.


I am sure I am leaving out some of the activities that I or other appointees have participated in during 2015 and will send a follow-up report if anything of importance comes to mind. 


Looking forward to a very productive 2016 with ARRL activities in the Kentucky Section.


Merry Christmas and a Very Happy New Year to ALL!


Respectfully submitted, 


Alan D. Morgan, KY1O

ARRL Kentucky Section Manager


KENTUCKY SECTION NEWS - November 23, 2015

I send everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving and I hope you and your family/friends enjoy the holiday and get to spend some quality time together.

I am now back in KY after what was supposed to only be a 3-month temporary assignment on the US Naval Submarine Base New London in Groton, CT, which turned into an 8-month one. It was a lot of fun though getting an opportunity to spend that time traveling around sightseeing in New England and meeting many hams while up there in the area. At least my ONE callsign fit in up there I guess. LOL I will get to enjoy some time here with family and friends through New Years and get some projects I want to accomplish underway and maybe a few completed before I head out on my next safety consulting assignment.

Many are now gearing up for the National Parks On The Air 2016 Event and it sounds like it is going to be a lot of fun activating and operating from and with the various stations that will be set up in all the park locations around the USA during the year long Centennial celebration.

WRC-15 opened up more frequency allocation worldwide on the 60 meter band recently and as soon as the FCC completes their rules revision we will see some changes here in the US and be able to work more countries on that band. Please be very mindful of power limitations and other restrictions when operating on 60 meters.

There are still some volunteer opportunities available within the ARRL Kentucky Section, so visit this website to see if you may be interested in serving in one of them soon:

If you have amateur radio news to share with others please send it to: ARRL Kentucky Section Public Information Coordinator Greg Lamb, W0QI at

If you want to know about Amateur Radio Emergency Services in the ARRL Kentucky Section please contact: Section Emergency Coordinator Cecil Dennis, K4TCD at

If you need information about interference or have a complaint about inappropriate or illegal amateur operations please contact: ARRL Kentucky Section Official Observer Coordinator Bill Hilyerd, K4LRX at

If you are needing some technical assistance with amateur radio or related information you can contact: ARRL Kentucky Section Technical Coordinator Chuck Milam, N9KY at

The four volunteers listed above are just a few of the many volunteers available in the ARRL Kentucky Section ready to assist you as ARRL Members, so take advantage of their services when needed.

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