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VHF Contesting

Questions on contesting above 50 MHz

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Open ROMER REWARDS W0WHW Jul 22nd 2011, 18:25 5 3,338 on 11/10/11
by K5TTT
Open plaques K7AWB Sep 13th 2011, 20:25 2 1,898 on 15/9/11
by W1VT
Open e-Mail Rejected K2TTM Jan 20th, 19:52 2 550 on 16/2/14
by K2DRH
Open ARRL EME contest participation certificate KB2FCV Nov 28th 2013, 04:14 1 502 on 28/11/13
Open Antenna Polarization for FM contesting Gringo6 May 3rd, 23:01 5 820 on 6/11/14
by w1rfi
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