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  • ARRL References

    ARRL Antenna Book. The 22nd edition of the ARRL Antenna Book is reorganized, updated, and re-written from top to bottom. The book includes a free copy of EZNEC-ARRL antenna modeling and design software plus dozens of supporting files, articles, and utilities. Go Now ... Learn More

  • Cable Television Interference

    The result of the latter is a condition known as electromagnetic interference (EMI), radio-frequency interference (RFI), TV interference (TVI) or ingress. No matter what you call it, the ultimate translation is ..... It may be possible to obtain this information from the radio station log book. If not, have the station operator transmit on ... Learn More

  • ARRL :: Technical

    An introduction to the revolutionary small computer. Ideal for those switching on their Pi for the first time. Out of print. Item No. 1007 - $28.95. Out of stock. Raspberry Pi Workshop Manual (Haynes). QEX -- Forum for Communications Experimenters. A platform for exchanging the latest technical ideas. Published bimonthly by ... Learn More

  • Ham Radio License Manual

    As you complete each chapter of this book, use ARRL's online Exam Review for Ham Radio to help prepare you for exam day. This web-based service uses the question pool to construct chapter-by-chapter reviews. Go to examreview. Below you'll find additional study materials for the Ham Radio License ... Learn More

  • Light Bulbs and RFI — A Closer Look

    electronics capable of causing RFI. What The FCC Says. Two sets of rules apply for these new bulbs ... operate under Part 18, which addresses. Light Bulbs and RFI — A Closer Look. New high efficiency light ..... line noise and other Part 15 interference cases, writing articles and editing ARRL books pertaining to RFI. He. Learn More

  • Part 15 Devices

    Dec 2, 2001 ... The ARRL RFI Book has many sug- gestions for resolving a wide range of radio- frequency interference.1 If a prob- lem is serious or persistent, you may need to file a complaint with the FCC. Thor- oughly document the situation and send a copy to Ed Hare, W1RFI, at ARRL. ( Other sources of ... Learn More

  • Forum » RFI - Discussion and Q&A » RFI on 2 meters every ~300 kHz

    The area is served by Time Warner Cable and AT&T U-Verse. I don't know of any other broadband provider. I didn't find any references to this type of noise from these providers. But that isn't conclusive either way in my book. I've found nothing in the literature/forums about this type of noise at this frequency, ... Learn More

  • ARRL :: Search results

    The ARRL RFI Book 3rd Edition. Practical cures for radio frequency interference! Now including .... RFI Pocket Guide. Pocket reference offers essential data on radio frequency interference for advanced ham radio operators, wireless engineers and technicians. Item No. 5008 - $20.00. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 ... Learn More

  • Part 97 - Amateur Radio

    Regulatory & Advocacy · State and Local, Volunteer Consulting Engineer Program, Volunteer Counsel Program, Antenna Regulation and Zoning, CCR Study Information, International, Federal RFI Preemption, Technical Relations Office, Federal ... Learn More

  • Contest Update Issues

    May 26, 2010 ... Ditmania - WPX CW; WRTC-2010 Competition For the Rest of Us; Pileup Competition Winners; Winning Above 50 MHz; Expanded ARRL Contest Results; Remotes and RFI - Two New Books; Fabric Antenna Fun; Ham Radio Homecoming. NEW HF OPERATORS - THINGS TO DO. If you had a good time ... Learn More