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  • Youth@HamRadio.Fun

    Results 1 - 8 of 1230 ... The American Radio Relay League (ARRL) is the national association for amateur radio, connecting hams around the U.S. with news, information and resources. Learn More

  • Youth@HamRadio.Fun: The Status of Youth in Amateur Radio

    05/17/2011. By Sterling Coffey, N0SCC ARRL Youth Editor. I would like to thank all the readers for the fantastic comments and e-mails that you have sent in reply to the first few articles I have written. I would particularly like to thank the younger folks who have given me the topics of this article, and the very kind individuals ... Learn More

  • National Association for Amateur Radio Website Search

    Results 17 - 24 of 1590 ... Youth@HamRadio.Fun: An Elmer's Guide to Explaining Ham Radio. 04/23/2011. By Sterling Coffey, N0SSC ARRL Youth Editor. Hams have always been at the forefront of wireless technology since the dawn of radio in the late ... Learn More  ... Learn More

  • Youth@HamRadio.Fun: New Kid in Town

    03/30/2013. Sterling Coffey, N0SSC ARRL Youth Editor. Moving to a new town is a big undertaking, whether as a family, a temporary move to study abroad or get work experience while in college -- or even moving to college itself. Although it's never easy to let go of the old and become acquainted with a new place, you ... Learn More

  • Youth@HamRadio.Fun: What Is Radiosport and Why Do We Do It?

    07/25/2011. By Sterling Coffey ARRL Youth Editor. Humans are wired to compete . We have created countless games and sports that test our skill and keep us in shape. In the ages before humans came to rule the world, life was a competition -- a competition against Mother Nature to survive. In the present tense, we do not  ... Learn More

  • Youth@HamRadio.Fun: Ham Radio 2.0

    02/08/2010. By ARRL Youth Editor Duncan MacLachlan Web 2.0 is the name that has been given to the second wind of the Internet evolution, characterized by new gadgets, new developments and new ways to have fun online. Amateur Radio is also experiencing a second wind, with more hams, more ... Learn More

  • Youth@HamRadio.Fun: Hamfesting Like Crazy

    02/28/2012. By Sterling Coffey, N0SSC ARRL Youth Editor. The last few weekends of January was all about burning gas and traveling across Missouri to visit two of the state's great hamfests: the NKC Hamfest in Kansas City, and Winterfest in St Louis. Thankfully they were separated by a week, so this allowed me to take ... Learn More

  • Youth@HamRadio.Fun: 'Tis the Season, Ham Style!

    Dec 15, 2008 ... Mickey began using the W6S call sign in 1997, and since its debut, has become part of the ham radio Christmas cheer! But Mickey didn't always operate an elaborate event covering all bands -- he started out talking to local kids on 2 meters. The second year he operated, he deployed several of his elves ... Learn More

  • Youth@HamRadio.Fun: From Field Day to Financial Aid -- What ...

    06/13/2012. By ARRL Youth Editor Sterling Coffey, N0SSC As I wrote about in last month's column, everyone finds his or her own niche in Amateur Radio. It can be as simple as having an mobile rig in the car that you might turn on every once in a while, doing nothing but listen to numbers stations or ... Learn More

  • Youth@HamRadio.Fun: Dayton on Radar

    Apr 27, 2013 ... TAGS: amateur radio, amateur radio activities, Amateur Radio perspective, arrl, ARRL EXPO area, ARRL President Kay, ARRL Youth Lounge, boston marathon, Dayton, easy way, elementary school, high school, net control, New Mexico, radio club, radio operators, Sterling Coffey, Youth, youth activities. Learn More