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  • Youth@HamRadio.Fun: An Elmer's Guide to Explaining Ham Radio

    04/23/2011. By Sterling Coffey, N0SSC ARRL Youth Editor. Hams have always been at the forefront of wireless technology since the dawn of radio in the late 1800s. Long ago, we were granted an impressively diverse and expansive hobby that allowed the technologically and electronically curious to not only experiment on ... Learn More

  • Youth@Ham Radio.Fun: Helping Heal With Ham (Radio)

    04/13/2009. Hams across the country visit hospitals with radios, seeking to cheer kids up and maybe find a few new hams; however, what hospitals are lacking is the ability to provide the enjoyment of meeting someone new and playing a game that always changes. Ham radio is that game, but the age old problem still ... Learn More

  • Youth@HamRadio.Fun: Getting on the Air

    08/27/2011. By Sterling Coffey ARRL Youth Editor. The best things in life are free -- including ham radio. As a member of my college's Amateur Radio club, I come across so much free stuff, including a giant Yaesu FT-1000MP HF transceiver, a smaller FT-897D and a Cushcraft beam -- more than $3000 of equipment. Learn More

  • Youth@HamRadio.Fun: Canadian QSO Party

    Feb 9, 2009 ... Matthew said that in Newfoundland and Labrador, "there are not many youth involved in the Amateur Radio -- there are plenty who are licensed but they are not active." For that reason, he said he was especially happy with the youth turnout for the Winter Contest. Throughout the morning, activities included ... Learn More

  • Youth@HamRadio.Fun: A Young DXer

    04/27/2010. By Duncan MacLachlan, KU0DM ARRL Youth Editor April 27, 2010. Twelve-year-old Jonas Carden, KD0DJH, submitted this write-up concerning his first experiences with Amateur Radio and the wonderful world of DX. The excitement of hearing signals from around the world is one alive and well with all  ... Learn More

  • Youth@HamRadio.Fun: 73 from KG4IUM -- Youth Lounges ...

    Jun 23, 2008 ... So, it's time for me to pass on the gauntlet. This will be my last time writing the Youth@HamRadio.Fun column, but rest assured that a well-qualified individual with a fresh outlook and lots of new blood will be writing it in my absence; I am confident that this new author will improve upon the column and do an ... Learn More

  • Youth@HamRadio.Fun: What Is Radiosport and Why Do We Do It?

    07/25/2011. By Sterling Coffey ARRL Youth Editor. Humans are wired to compete . We have created countless games and sports that test our skill and keep us in shape. In the ages before humans came to rule the world, life was a competition -- a competition against Mother Nature to survive. In the present tense, we do not  ... Learn More

  • Youth@HamRadio.Fun: The Young Amateurs Contest Ham Team

    09/29/2012. By Sterling Coffey, N0SSC ARRL Youth Editor. Everyone has heard the phrase “If you build it, they will come,” and when it comes to ham radio, they will. For quite some time, I have been receiving e-mail from the Young Amateurs Contest Ham Team (YACHT), but rarely do I read them, as most of the e-mails end ... Learn More

  • Youth@HamRadio.Fun: Field Day at Kansas City Maker Faire

    08/01/2012. By Sterling Coffey, N0SSC ARRL Youth Editor Many months ago, I was invited to come to Kansas City during ARRL Field Day to operate a unique station. Most envision a Field Day station as a few tents and towers in the local city park, but this one was far from that. This Field Day site lay in the ... Learn More

  • Youth@HamRadio.Fun: A First Timer's Adventure at the Dayton ...

    06/18/2011. By Sterling Coffey, N0SCC ARRL Youth Editor. About three years ago, I became familiar with the idea of hamfests -- a convention of hams who go there to take their exams, check QSL cards, buy stuff from traveling vendors and flea marketers, as well as win prizes and participate in lectures or activities. My local ... Learn More