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  • Youth@HamRadio.Fun: Amateur Radio, Before and After

    10/24/2011. By ARRL Youth Editor Sterling Coffey, N0SSC Amateur Radio was born in candlelit labs and foggy fields by several renowned inventors and experimenters throughout the close of the 19th century and beginning of the 20th. The first wireless experimenters of the world -- Heinrich Hertz, Nikola ... Learn More

  • Youth@HamRadio.Fun: Hams on Mars (Almost)

    05/26/2013. BySterling Coffey, N0SSC ARRL Youth Editor Eight New Hams on “Mars”. Eight Missouri University of Science & Technology (S&T) students took their Amateur Radio license exams last week -- and passed! Most of the examinees wanted to get a license so they could legally operate high power ... Learn More

  • Youth@HamRadio.Fun: A Success Story

    10/02/2011. By Sterling Coffey, N0SSC ARRL Youth Editor. At the Missouri S&T Amateur Radio Club, W0EEE, we've blasted into the new school year by recruiting new members and planning projects -- including a cooperative fox hunt with IEEE -- as well as some outdoor public informational and demonstrational activities ... Learn More

  • Youth@HamRadio.Fun: Awards All Around

    08/05/2009. The ARRL Hiram Percy Maxim Award. The ARRL has a very prestigious award named for its founder that is presented to young amateurs under 21 who have demonstrated excellence in many points of Amateur Radio. The award recognizes those ARRL members who have exhibited exceptional leadership, ... Learn More

  • Youth@HamRadio.Fun: Back to School

    08/25/2012. By Sterling Coffey, N0SSC ARRL Youth Editor The sounds of cicadas buzzing in the trees herald the fast approaching school year. Every summer seems to go by so quickly in conformance to the old adage: “Time flies when you're having fun.” To most school-bound youths, fun can be as simple  ... Learn More

  • Youth@HamRadio.Fun: On Becoming a Ham

    03/15/2011. By Sterling Coffey, N0SSC ARRL Youth Editor. Meet the new ARRL Youth Editor, Sterling Coffey, N0SSC. This month, Sterling discusses how -- and why -- he became a radio amateur. Ever since I was five years old, radio communication has intrigued and interested me to the core. It was on my fifth birthday that ... Learn More

  • Youth@HamRadio.Fun: The Young Amateurs Contest Ham Team

    09/29/2012. By Sterling Coffey, N0SSC ARRL Youth Editor. Everyone has heard the phrase “If you build it, they will come,” and when it comes to ham radio, they will. For quite some time, I have been receiving e-mail from the Young Amateurs Contest Ham Team (YACHT), but rarely do I read them, as most of the e-mails end ... Learn More

  • Youth@HamRadio.Fun: An Elmer's Guide to Explaining Ham Radio

    04/23/2011. By Sterling Coffey, N0SSC ARRL Youth Editor. Hams have always been at the forefront of wireless technology since the dawn of radio in the late 1800s. Long ago, we were granted an impressively diverse and expansive hobby that allowed the technologically and electronically curious to not only experiment on ... Learn More

  • Youth@HamRadio.Fun: October is for the Kids -- School Club ...

    10/28/2012. By Sterling Coffey, N0SSC ARRL Youth Editor. Today was an interesting milestone in the progress of the year. Almost every fall after a biting cold front the air heats up again and Japanese beetles -- commonly mistaken as ladybugs -- take refuge on sunlit surface, resting after a long migratory flight. They fly ... Learn More

  • Youth@HamRadio.Fun: Contesting Like Crazy

    12/27/2011. By Sterling Coffey, N0SSC The last stretch of the year yields cold temperatures, snow and, if you live in Missouri, 60 degrees and rain. But most importantly, there's a calendar full of contests -- just look at November and December's ARRL Contest Calendars or Bruce Horn's Contest Calendar. Learn More