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  • Amateur Radio Quiz: Way-back Wireless

    09/23/2009. 1) What electrical function was performed by a "slop jar"? a. Accumulate grid leaks b. Rectify ac c. Artificial ground d. Transient clamping. 2) Poulsen invented what device used in early transmitters? a. Multiplier b. Transformer c. Arc d. Tuner. 3) What type of device was the "audion"? a. Vacuum tube b. Speaker c. Learn More

  • Amateur Radio Quiz: The Transistor, Our Three-Legged Friend

    01/04/2010. By H. Ward Silver, N0AX ARRL Contributing Editor What piece of active equipment in the ham shack doesn't have a transistor in it somewhere? Could you troubleshoot that equipment? While transistors are nearly ubiquitous, we often don't understand their inner workings as well as we might like ... Learn More

  • National Association for Amateur Radio Website Search

    Results 73 - 80 of 174 ... Feature. 08/04/2012 | Amateur Radio Quiz: The Ins-and-Outs of the Bits-and- Pieces. Once the homebuilding bug bites, you'll be using a whole new set of jargon: acronyms, color codes, numbering conventions, parameters, measurements and more. Here are some questions about the many interesting ... Learn More

  • Amateur Radio Quiz: Blasts from the Past

    Amateur Radio Quiz: Blasts from the Past. TAGS: quiz. 01/27/2010. By H. Ward Silver, N0AX With all of the old QST magazines online for ARRL members, why not take a tour through radio history and see if you can find the answers to these questions in the articles and advertising sections! 1) A flying animal ... Learn More

  • Amateur Radio Quiz: Uda Thunk It?

    Apr 11, 2011 ... Arguably the most useful antenna design ever devised beyond the dipole, Yagis are found everywhere in Amateur Radio -- from the low HF bands to microwaves. Why not swing your beam in the direction of this quiz and see if it “peaks” your interest? 1) The most common feed point impedance for a Yagi's ... Learn More

  • Amateur Radio Quiz: Game, Set, Match!

    06/09/2010. By H. Ward Silver, N0AX ARRL Contributing Editor Impedance matching is a function performed many times in every radio and every radio shack. Sometimes it's done inside a circuit and out of sight. Sometimes an automatic tuning unit clicks its way to unity SWR. And sometimes we just twiddle  ... Learn More

  • Amateur Radio Quiz: For Auld Acquaintance

    Dec 6, 2010 ... This quiz acknowledges events and individuals that shaped ham radio. For those of you who are new to the hobby, here are some great topics to research online and find out more about what makes ham radio tick. Young or old, newcomer or Old Timer -- happy holidays to all! 1) Stew Perry, W1BB, was ... Learn More

  • Amateur Radio Quiz: Here It Comes, Here It Is, There It Goes!

    01/28/2009. 1. Perigee a) Closest approach of a satellite to Earth b) Farthest distance of a satellite from Earth c) Average distance of a satellite from Earth d) A failed launch. 2. Mode a) Orientation of orbit with respect to Earth's orbit b) Angle between the satellite and the Sun c) Uplink-Downlink frequencies d) Relative ... Learn More

  • Amateur Radio Quiz: Your Days Are Numbered

    04/03/2013. H. Ward Silver, N0AX Worse than the dreaded “word problem,” this April quiz is full of backward problems where I give the answer and you pick the problem. Or something like that. You'll figure it out! 1) 9 a. The dB equivalent of a power ratio of 4. b. The number of wavelengths traveled by a 7 ... Learn More

  • Amateur Radio Quiz: Historically Speaking

    Oct 2, 2008 ... 3) When was the International Amateur Radio Union (IARU) founded? a. 1918 b. 1925 d. 1934 d. 1945. 4) Who helped Hiram Percy Maxim create the ARRL? a. Clarence Tuska b. John Huntoon c. Clinton DeSoto d. Edwin Armstrong. 5) Who established the ARRL Outgoing QSL Bureau? a. W1CW b. W2PV Learn More