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Reciprocal Permit

In this table, links exist for all those countries which we currently have information. In those countries that have them, additional information can be obtained by contacting their IARU Member Society. Foreign Embassies located in the U.S. are another source of information. Also, be sure to review the document titled Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Operating Amateur Radio Overseas. US military personnel operating under the Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA) can find information at SOFA/Europe and SOFA/Korea.

Some of this information comes from the Licensing Abroad Web site previously maintained by Veikko Komppa, OH2MCN (SK). We are not aware of anyone continuing updates information on Veke's independent website.

Country Name Prefix
Afghanistan YA
Albania ZA
Algeria 7T-7Y
Andorra, Repeaters C3
Angola D2-3
Anguilla VP2E
Antarctica CE9/KC4
Antigua-Barbuda, application V2
Argentina, (IARP), Other LO-LW
Aruba, Repeaters P4
Ascension Island ZD8
Australia VK
Austria, CEPT, Repeaters, Other OE
Armenia EK
Azores, CEPT, Repeaters CU
Bahamas C6
Bahrain A9
Bangladesh, application S2
Barbados, application 8P
Belarus EU, EV, EW
Belgium, CEPT, Repeaters, Additional Info&Other ON-OT
Belize V3
Benin, Add'l Info & License Documents TY
Bermuda VP9
Bhutan A5
Bolivia CP
Bosnia-Herzegovina, CEPT T9
Botswana A2
Brazil, IARP, Other PY
British Virgin Islands VP2V
Brunei, application V8
Bulgaria, CEPT, Additional Info&Other LZ
Burkina-Faso, Other XT
Myanmar (Burma) XZ
Burundi 9U

Country Name Prefix
Cambodia, application additional XU
Cameroon TJ
Canada, Other VE,VO,VY
Cape Verde D4
Cayman Islands, Repeater, application ZF
Central Africa TL
Chad TT
Chagos VQ9
Chile CA-CE
China BY,BT
Clipperton, CEPT+ FK
Colombia HJ-HK
Comoros D6
Congo (Democratic Republic of the) 9Q-9T
Congo (Republic of the) TN
Cook Islands ZK1
Corsica, CEPT TK
Costa Rica TI,TE
Croatia, CEPT, Repeaters, Other, application 9A
Crozet, CEPT+ FT
Cuba, Repeaters CM,CO
Cyprus, CEPT, Other 5B
Czech Republic, CEPT, Repeaters OK-OL
Denmark, CEPT, Repeaters OZ
Djibouti J2
Dominica J7
Dominican Republic HI

Country Name Prefix
East Timor 4W
Ecuador HC-HD
Egypt SU
El Salvador, (IARP), YS
Eritrea (E3)
Equtorial Guinea 3C
Estonia, CEPT, Other ES
Ethiopia ET
Falkland Islands VP8
Faroe Islands, CEPT OY
Federated States of Micronesia , application, Other V6
Fiji, application 3D2
Finland, CEPT, Repeaters, Other OF-OI
France, CEPT, Repeaters F
French Antarctica, CEPT FT
French Polynesia,CEPT+, Additional Info FO

Country Name Prefix
Gabon TR
The Gambia C5
Germany, CEPT, Repeaters, Other DA-DL
Germany (MARS or military personnel) DA-DL
Ghana 9G
Gibraltar ZB2
Glorieuse, CEPT+ FR
Greece, CEPT, Repeaters SV-SZ
Greenland, CEPT OX
Grenada J3
Guadeloupe, CEPT additional FG
Guantanamo Bay KG4
Guatemala TG,TD
Guernsey, CEPT, Additional Info&Other MU
Guiana, CEPT FY
Guinea 3X
Guinea-Bissau J5
Guyana, Application Form 8R
Haiti HH
Honduras HQ-HR
Hong Kong, Repeaters VS6, VR2
Hungary, CEPT, MRASZ, other HA, HG

Country Name Prefix
Iceland, CEPT, Repeaters, Other TF
India, application VU
Indonesia YB-YH
Iran EP
Iraq, application YI
Ireland, CEPT, Repeaters, Add'l Info EI-EJ
Israel, IARC Web Site, application, 4X,4Z
Isle of Man, CEPT MD
Italy, CEPT, Repeaters I
Ivory Coast TU
Jamaica, application 6Y
Japan JA-JS
Juan de Nova, CEPT+ FR
Jersey, CEPT MJ
Jordan JY

Country Name Prefix
Kenya 5Y-5Z
Kerguelen, CEPT FT
Kiribati T3
Korea, (Rep of) South HL
Kosovo YU
Kuwait 9K
Kyrgyzstan EX
Laos additional XW
Latvia, CEPT, Repeaters, Additional Info&Other YL
Lebanon, Repeaters OD
Lesotho 7P
Liberia EL
Libya 5A
Liechtenstein, CEPT HB0
Lithuania, CEPT, Repeaters LY
Luxembourg, CEPT, Repeaters, Additional Info&Other LX

Country Name Prefix
Macao XX9
Macedonia Z3
Madagascar 5R-5S
Madeira, CEPT CT
Malawi 7Q
Malaysia, Repeaters 9M
Maldives, application 8Q
Mali TZ
Malta, Repeaters, application 9H
Martinique, CEPT FM
Marshall Islands V7
Mauritania 5T
Mauritius, application 3B
Mexico XA-XI
Mayotte, CEPT FH
Moldova ER
Monaco, CEPT, Other 3A
Mongolia, application JTJV
Montserrat VP2M
Morocco CN
Mozambique C8-9
Myanmar (Burma) XY-XZ
Namibia, application V5
Nauru C2
Nepal 9N
Netherland Antilles  application PJ
Netherlands, CEPT, Repeaters: 1  2, Additional Info PA-PI
New CaledoniaCEPT+ FK
New Zealand, Additional from NZART ZL-ZM
Nicaragua YN
Niger 5U
Nigeria 5N-5O
Niue ZK2
Northern Ireland, CEPT MI
Norway, CEPT, Repeaters, Additional Information LA-LN

Country Name Prefix
Oman A4
Pakistan AP-AS
Palau (Belau, W Caroline Is), application T8
Palestine, application E4
Papua New Guinea P2
Paraguay ZP
Philippines, application DU-DZ
Pitcairn Island VR6
Poland, application SN-SR
Portugal, CEPT, Repeaters, Other CT

Country Name Prefix
Qatar A7
Reunion, CEPT FR
Rodriguez Island 3B9
Romania, CEPT, Addition Info&Other YO-YR
Russia, Additional UA-UI, RA-RZ
Rwanda 9X

Country Name Prefix
Saint Martin, CEPT, Other FJ, FS
San Marino T7
Sao Tome & Principe S9
Saudi Arabia HZ
Scotland, CEPT MM
Senegal 6V-6W
Serbia and Montenegro YT-YU,YZ
Seychelles, application S7
Sierra Leone 9L
Singapore, application 9V
Slovak Republic, CEPT, Repeaters, Additional Info&Other OM
Slovenia, CEPT, Repeaters, application, Other S5
Solomon Islands, application H4
Somalia T5
South Africa ZR-ZU
South Korea HL
Spain, CEPT, Repeaters, Additional Info EA-EH
Sri Lanka, Repeaters, application 4P-4S
St. Bartholomew, CEPT FJ
St. Helena ZD7
St. Kitts V4
St. Lucia, application J6
St. Pierre/Miquelon, CEPT FP
St. Paul & Amsterdam, CEPT+ FT
St. Vincent, application J8
Sudan ST
Suriname PZ
Swaziland 3DA
Sweden, CEPT, Additional Info SA-SM
Switzerland, CEPT, Repeaters, Other HB
Syria YK
Taiwan BV
Tanzania 5H-5I
Temotu Islands, application H4
Terre Adelie, CEPT+ FT
Thailand, application HS
Togo 5V
Tokelau Island ZK3
Tonga, application A3
Trinidad & Tobago, (IARP), 9Y-9Z
Tristan da Cunha & Gough I. ZD9
Tromelin, CEPT+ FR
Tunisia 3V
Turkey, CEPT TA
Turkmenistan EZ
Turks & Caicos Islands VP5
Tuvalu T2

Country Name Prefix
Uganda 5X
Ukraine CEPT, Other UR-UZ, EM-EO
United Arab Emirates A6
United Kingdom, Additional Info&Other, CEPT, UK Repeaters M
United Nations HQ 4U1UN
United States of America, IARP, CEPT, Addional Info&Other K, W, N, AA-AK
Uruguay, IARP CV-CX
Vanuatu YJ
Vatican City HV
Venezuela, IARP YV-YY
Vienna International Center 4U1VIC
Vietnam additional 3W, XV
Wales, CEPT MW

Country Name Prefix
Wallis & Futuna Islands, CEPT+, Additional Info FW
Western Samoa 5W
Yemen 7O
Yugoslavia (see Serbia and Montenegro) YT-YU,YZ
Zambia 9I-9J
Zimbabwe Z2