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Operating Permit Information


·         CEPT Radio Amateur License Recommendation T/R 61-01 allows US Amateur Extra and US Advanced class licensees to operate in European Union countries and their dependencies listed below under CEPT T/R 61-01.  The qualified US Amateur must carry a copy of the FCC CEPT Public Notice DA 11-221 (dated February 7, 2011), your US passport and your original FCC-issued license (not a photocopy).

The national amateur radio society is: 

Ukrainian Amateur Radio League (UARL)


U.N. Headquarters in New York (4U1UN)

Different from 4U1ITU in Geneva, 4U1UN is not for guest operation by visitors but for recreation of the headquarters staff of the United Nations. For information on the UN Headquarters station, please visit


United States of America (K, W, N, AA-AK)

Dear Fellow Amateur:
Here are answers to most of your questions regarding your interest in operating in the United States, and its territories/possessions (KH1-0 and KP1-5).

May I operate in the U.S.?
Aliens who hold a valid amateur license issued by their government may apply to the Federal Communications Commission for a permit to operate in the U.S. only if a
reciprocal operating agreement exists between the U.S. and the above mentioned government.

How do I apply?
Effective February 12, 1999 no application is required.

I am a U.S. citizen living overseas, but have only an alien license. Can I obtain a reciprocal permit for operating in the U.S.?
No. Only non-citizens may obtain permits. If an alien becomes a U.S. citizen, the reciprocal permit becomes invalid, and the amateur must then take a U.S. amateur exam and apply for a regular U.S. license and callsign.

How will I Identify on the air?
You will sign the representative prefix of the call area where you are located, plus the Morse "/" or phone "stroke", followed by your home (native) call, (for example, W1/LU1AAA and KP4/YU7ZZZ). At least once during each contact with another amateur station, you must give your geographical location in English as nearly as possible by city and state, commonwealth or possession.

On what frequency will I be able to operate, and with how much power?
You may have all the privileges that you have in your home country as long as they do not exceed the privileges of the Amateur Extra Class license of the USA.

My home country has not yet entered into a reciprocal operating agreement with the United States. I would like to have more privileges by signing a regular U.S. call.
The FCC says that any alien who can provide the FCC with a U.S. mailing address can take a U.S. amateur examination. For detailed information, please contact the Volunteer Examiner Department of the ARRL Headquarters.

How can I obtain the text of the Amateur Radio Rules of the United States?..Information Repeaters?
The FCC Rule Book is available from on-line from Amateur Radio dealers around the country. Repeaters in the United States and Canada are listed in the Repeater Directory, another ARRL publication.

How can I locate American amateurs who will be willing to meet me, let me visit them, and possibly accommodate me?
Contact your IARU member-society, or send an SASE and three IRC to the Regulatory Information Branch of the ARRL Headquarters. We can provide you with a list of several dozens of U.S. amateurs who participate in the International Travel Host Exchange (ITHE) program.

Uruguay (CV-CX)

The Republic of Uruguay shares both a reciprocal and a third party traffic agreements with the United States.

For full information for operating in Uruguay, please contact its national Amateur Radio society: 

Radio Club Uruguayo (RCU)

Uruguay maintains an embassy in the United States at:1918 F Street NW, Washington, DC 20006
Phone: 202-331-1313

Vatican City (HV)

Amateur radio in the State of the Vatican City is club-station activity, with no individual station licenses granted.

Authorization of guest operation at a club station is considered on a case-by-case basis. Inquiries should be sent to the following:

Vatican City ARC
c/o Domenico Petty, HV1CN
Radio Station
Vatican City, Europe 

Venezuela (YV-YY)

The Republic of Venezuela has reciprocal operating and third-party traffic agreements with the United States.

To obtain a license write to:

Minister of Communications
Ministerio De Transporte y Comunicaciones
Parque Central Complex

 For additional information you may want to write to: 

Radio Club Venezolano (RCV)


Vienna International Center (4U1VIC)

For operation at 4U1VIC you need to contact:

John Oakberg, NK4N/OE3JOS
Station Manager
Vienna International Centre
PO Box 200
A-1400 Vienna
Phone: +43 1 2060 22208

Another person you might want to contact is:

Dick Olsen
Phone: +43 1 2060 22060 

You have to register your operation well in advance. For security reasons, one of the locals has to be in place when you are operating.

Wallis and Futuna (FW)

Licenses are issued on Wallis Island by the Director of the island office of the PTT, at present (4/93) a Monsieur Brunet. While it is important to let them know your arrival date, so as to be sure that someone will be at the office, there appears to be no need to send paperwork ahead.

Be sure to bring:

Two passport photos Passport ID page A copy of your transceiver's operating manual

A three month license costs approximately the equivalent of $30 U.S.

The PTT telephone and FAX number are:

Telephone: 011 681 72 21 00
FAX: 011 681 72 22 00

The PTT office is located in Mata Utu, close to the harbor.

It is also desirable to let the local customs office know what equipment (with serial numbers) you will be bringing in advance. The PTT office can supply a FAX number for them.

Additional licensing information can be found on the Web at:

This information was originally provided by Martin Bayes, W1/G4DZC and updated on January 4, 1999 by Miettinen Paavo, OH5UQ, and on March 14, 1999 by Cedric, HB9HFN.


Yemen (7O)

We have no up to date information on their licensing procedures.

The licensing administration appears to be:

Ministry of Communications



Zambia (9I-9J)


Anyone considering applying for a Zambia license should probably first write to the society. They are very helpful: 

Radio Society of Zambia

The license bureau:

The Communications Authority
Office of the Controller
PO Box 36871
Lusaka, Zambia 

KB0KVA also invites anyone having problems or questions to contact him at 314-962-2730. He is a member of the Radio Society of Zambia.

Equipment may be kept at port of entry unless you have a document from the PTC which allows you to bring the equipment into the country.

Zimbabwe (Z2)

Zimbabwe has not entered into a reciprocal operating agreement with the United States.

Inquiries should be sent to the following:

Manager, Special Telecommunications Services
PTC Box CY331
Causeway, Harare
Attention: Mr. Mungaraza
phone: 263 (4) 791-701 ext. 3098
fax: 263 (4) 731-094

The cost should be around $10.40 US. or

The Secretary 

Zimbabwe Amateur Radio Society (ZARS)