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SOFA Agreement

US Military, Civilians and Their Dependants Under the Jurisdiction of the US Status Of Forces Agreement (SOFA)


FROM: Daniel Wolff [], Radio Licensing Management Office, USAREUR

SUBJECT: Guidance for requesting an amateur radio operator's permit for areas under military control.

1. This letter provides generalized assistance for obtaining an amateur radio operator's permit for areas that are under military control and augments the guidance provided in AR 105-70. The Tri-Service USAREUR Regulation 105-41 (also known as CINCUSNAVEUR Instr 2070.1, and USAFE Reg 100-4, 27 September 1975) originally provided additional instructions but was rescinded in 1993 without replacement. CAUTION: just because a country or area is under military control doesn't automatically mean that you can operate on amateur radio from the effected area. Permission from your Commander is also not normally enough to operate from the effected area. Permission to operate amateur radio from these areas is the responsibility of the military Command or provisional authority or provisional government having control over the country or area.

2. During periods of military occupation over a country or specific area the military Command having direct control will normally also have interim responsibility over all amateur radio operations for that effected area. This responsibility may subsequently be delegated through the ambassador of the provisional authority once appointed. Sometimes the provisional authority is set up through the United Nations. Keep in mind that every military operation is different and the office that assumes control over amateur radio licensing will likely change.

3. The first thing you'll want to do is find out if a provisional authority or government has been installed for the effected area. If there is then try contacting them to find out what office is managing amateur radio operations. If a provisional authority or government hasn't been installed yet then contact the military command having overall operational control over the effected area or the United Nations.

4. If you're still having difficulty in finding out what office is managing amateur radio operations for the effected area under military control then feel free to contact the office of the Command MARS Director, Europe for assistance [DSN (314) 381-8735 or commercial 0621-730-8735 (dialed from within Germany), commercial +49-621-730-8735 (dialed from outside Germany)]. We can't promise anything but we will do our best to assist you. Be sure to visit for more information about MARS.


Daniel Wolff - AEM1AM / AEM1WF / KA7AGN / DL4VCW

Assistant Affiliate MARS Coordinator, Europe
US Army Military Affiliate Radio System (MARS) or (all lower case!)

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