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Thanks to Martijn Ophoff, PA3GFE, for the following information:

From: "juan jose forestieri"

Dear Martijn:

I am the President of the Guayaquil Radio Club,glad to receive your email. The first thing you have to do is to get a certificate from your radio club sayng that your equipment will go in such a certain time and will go back with you.If you dont do that Inmigation will get the radio and you dont see it any more.

With that paper you have to legalized in an Ecuadorian Consulate or Embassy or any other office that will justify the uses of that radio. Them send 4 phothos passport type, a letter asking the President of the club to give you a permission to operate,a copy of your passport and $8.00 to obteing thruout the local FCC the permit to operate.

If you have any question please writte about I be glad to help you.


The IARU member society intervenes between the applicant and the licensing administration. The society's address is: 

Guayaquil Radio Club (GRC)

If you obtain any further information please let us know here in the Regulatory Information Branch.


Equatorial Guinea (3C)

The Republic of Equatorial Guinea has not entered into a reciprocal operating agreement with the United States. Inquiries should be sent to:

Direccion General de Telecomunicaciones

There is no Amateur Radio organization in this country.

Estonia (ES)

The international mailing address of our member-society is: 

Eesti Raadioamatööride Ühing (ERAU)

Ethiopia (ET)

October 17, 1992
Requirements for Amateur Radio Station Operation in Ethiopia:

1. Written application addressed to the following:

The General Manager
Ethiopian Telecommunications Authority
PO Box 1047
Addis Adeba
Tel: 44-46-78, 15-23-26

2. Duly completed application form, in duplicate.

3. Copies of previously obtained amateur licenses from other countries.

4. Brochure containing the general description and the technical specifications of the equipment to be used.

5. Clearance of completed application for license by the Ministry of Internal Affairs through Telecommunications.

6. Valid license from the Ethiopian Telecommunications Authority (ETA).

Federated States of Micronesia (V6)

The Government of Federated States of Micronesia requires that you submit the completed application along with a copy of your US amateur license as well as copy of your passport in order to process the FSM Amateur Radio permit. Send it to:

Jolden J. Johnnyboy
Assistant Secretary Division of Communications
Department of Transportation, Communications and Infrastructure
P.O. Box PS-2
Palikir, Pohnpei
FM 96941
Tel: (691) 320-2381/2865
Fax: (691) 320-5853

France (F)

The French Republic shares a reciprocal licensing agreement with the United States.

Effective May, 1998, no licensing is required for visits of less than 3 months. To operate, you would sign "F/Your Call Here/p" (example F/KC1J/p).

Permits are issued for periods of 3 months for short term visitors, or 1 year for residents. Only residents are eligible for full French call signs, such as FD1XYZ, while short term visitors sign F/W1AW, FP/W1AW, etc.

Complete for following application forms, and send them together with a photocopy of your FCC license to the following address:

BP 61
94371 Sucy en Brie Cedex

The 3 month license takes about 2 weeks to obtain. The 1 year license takes about 60 days because of a police check that must be done.

CGR stands for Centre de Gestion des Radiocommnications and BP for Boite Postale (PO Box). Its telephone number is +33 (1)

The fee is 100 French francs for a 3 month permit or 300 francs for a resident applying for a 1 year license. It must be paid in advance by international money order, made out to Tresor Public. Enclose a photocopy of the receipt with your applications. You may also enclose a bank check drawn on a bank that does business in France.

This procedure should also be followed in applying for authorization to operate in these French overseas departments: Corsica (TK), Guadeloupe (FG), Mayotte (FH), Martinique (FM), St. Pierre & Miguelon (FP), Reunion (FR), French Guiana (FY). Authorization for operating in French Polynesia (FO) or New Caledonia (FK), both French territories are issued by the respective local governments.

Additional information for operating in France can be found on the Internet.

The IARU Society is Union Francaise des Radioamateurs

[form 1]  [form 2]

French Polynesia (FO)

 'Cellule des Postes et Télécommunication' office is no longer located Avenue Bruat next to Gendarmerie (like formerly reported by N6TST), it has moved since a couple of years. Please visit the ANFR site for more information here.  View the application here

New address for visiting :

A.N.F. (Agence Nationale des Fréquences)
Immeuble Bougainville 3ième étage
Côte montagne
Rue Commandant Destremeau

Corresponding address is still B.P.115 Papeete / Tahiti.

E-mail Dominique Diot, Department Head:

*Specify in the e-mail any requests for a "special" FO or TX call sign (such as TX7G), otherwise you'll be given a temporary permit to operate as FO/homecall. Group call signs are permissible, but each operator must be licensed to use that call sign (i.e., one application for each operator). Within a week or so, you should receive via e-mail (paper forms will be sent via post) your temporary license and import authorization forms for the equipment listed on the application.


·  Only CEPT Class 1 licencees (e.g., US Amateur Extra) are accepted

·  Be sure to complete the equipment list

·  Building is close to center of Papeete, towards FAAA direction, just next to restaurant "l'Appiz'eria" - well known locally.

·  ANF office on the 3rd floor, responsible clerk is Miss Léonne ARITAI. Tel +689 50 60 62  /  Fax +689 50 60 63

·  Opening hours mon-thu : 08h00-11h30 / 14h00-16h00 // fri 08h30 - 11h30 only

·  Attention : All equipments must be CE marked !

·  See application form attached. They will issue your temporary license at once, if the office manager is present. There is no charge. It is valid for a maximum of 3 months, can be prolonged or renewed thereafter.

·  Documents for equipment import (customs declaration) can be issued as well by ANF. This is certainly required if a vast amount of equipments are carried in, or formally passing through customs as 'goods to be cleared'. See application forms attached.


The Gambia (C5)

The IARU member-society is: 

Association Gabonaise des Radio Amateurs (AGRA)


Information updated January 7, 2003.

Intro: If you have a foreign ham license, you shouldn't have any problems obtaining Gambian licence.

Mr. Sita Ceesay
P.O.Box 387
The Gambia West Africa

Paperwork needed: Copies of your radio amateur licence and passport. Also copies of Visa (if you need). The best way to get a license: Practically the only way is to visit Mr. Ceesay's office in Banjul. Mr. Ceesay is the manager of technical audit branch. The office is located in Telephone Road (opposite Royal Victoria Hospital). Price: around 3USD Special calls: Almost anything from C5 -series is possible Customs: No problems.

Places to operate from:
Many good operating sites: Senegambia Hotel, Kombo Beach hotel, Bakotu aparthementos (not the hotel) and Bungalow beach hotel.

From Kombo Beach room number 466 recommended. Nice heading to the atlantic. Expensive hotel but worth every penny.

Bakotu apt. separate building near the Bakotu hotel and opposite to Kombo beach hotel. Nice flat roof! Antenna installation couldn't be any easier!

In bungalow beach you can have small GP's erected to the second floor balconies. Not very good place for serious contestor but excellent for normal ham.

73 Juha, oh9mm/c56mm (c53m / c56r) --


Germany (DA-DR)





FROM: Daniel Wolff [], Radio Licensing Management Office, USAREUR


SUBJECT: Reciprocal German Amateur Radio Guest License Application Instructions.

1. This letter provides general guidance on how to request a reciprocal German amateur radio guest license by individuals who are under the jurisdiction of the US Status Of Forces Agreement (SOFA) and living in Germany. The original Tri-Service Regulation (USAREUR Reg 105-41, CINCUSNAVEUR Instr 2070.1, and USAFE Reg 100-4, 27 September 1975) that provided instructions for these procedures was rescinded in 1993 without replacement.

2. Applicants must have a valid US Federal Communication Commission (FCC) amateur radio license and must accomplish the following:


a. Complete the reciprocal German amateur radio guest license application. Important: both, your military mailing address (APO) and your local German mailing address are required. If you don't know what your local German mailing address is then ask your Military Postal System (MPS) office for assistance. Your reciprocal German amateur radio license will only be mailed to your German mailing address. Your application must also be signed/certified by a Notary Public, Summary Court Officer or your Commander. Incompletely filled out applications will likely cause delays and applications not filled out correctly will not be processed.


b. Read and understand the German Amateur Radio Service Regulations. These are available from the Regulierungsbehoerde fuer Telekommukation und Post (RegTP) or the Deutscher Amateur Radio Club (DARC).


c. Your application package must include the following documents:


- the signed original reciprocal German amateur radio license application (SOFA).

- a photocopy of your valid FCC amateur radio license.

- a photocopy of your official military or Government orders or another official document that clearly shows that you are stationed or working in Germany.

- a photocopy of the SOFA stamp placed inside your passport (if available).


d. Forward the completed application and supporting documents to:


Regulierungsbehoerde fuer Telekommukation und Post (RegTP)
Aussenstelle Muelheim
Aktienstr. 1-7
D-45473 Muelheim


3. The RegTP will notify you of any license fees due after they process your application package. If you wish to follow-up on the status of your application you can contact the RegTP at e-mail or phone 0208-4507-284 or -215. Additionally, Ms. Christa Meier volunteers as a liaison between the RegTP and the USAREUR Radio Licensing Management Office. Ms. Meier can assist with language barrier problems or follow-up questions. She can be reached via email or DSN (314) 466-1561 or comm. 09472-83-1561.


Daniel Wolff - AEM1AM / AEM1WF / KA7AGN / DL4VCW

Assistant Affiliate MARS Coordinator, Europe
US Army Military Affiliate Radio System (MARS) or (all lower case!)

Ghana (9G)

Inquiries about possibility of authorization of amateur radio operation should be sent to the following: or

The man you need is Mr. Joseph N.A. CODJOE. If he's not available, ask for Mr. John TANDOH. He's the director general. He'll give you the license immediately The fees are 35 dollars for the 1st time and the following years 10 dollars. You have to do this by bank draft, so be aware! Take the payment slip with you.

73's de Jos PA2JFD

The IARU member-society is: 

Ghana Amateur Radio Society (GARS)

Grenada (J3)

Grenada shares reciprocal and third party traffic agreements with the United States but you must make application. The form can be downloaded from the website

Information on radio in Grenada can be found at the NTRC Grenada (National Telecommunications Regulatory Commission Grenada) website at

Queries for specific information on amateur radio operations in Grenada may be directed to the Grenada Amateur Radio Club at 

Greenland (OX)

This information was provided by Dave Farnsworth, WJ2O on October 11, 1994.

The operating permit fee is 185 Danish Crowns ($33 U.S.) You may apply by mail or in person. If you want to apply by mail, you will have to obtain an application form from:

Greenland Telecom
PO Box 1002
DK-3900 NUUK
Phone: 009 299 23120
FAX: 009 299 23130

My plane arrived late on a Friday night after their office was closed. They told me that it was no problem, I could operate with the call OX3/WJ2O over the weekend and come pay for my license on Monday morning.

They have an excellent club station in Nuuk, OX3NUK. If you wish to operate the station, you should get hold of the club president, Peter OX2XR. Electricity is very expensive so you should expect to pay a generous donation to help club expenses. For 400 Danish Crown ($72 U.S.) you can become a member of the club for a year.

All the official documentation is in Danish and Greenlandic. If you will be residing in Greenland you may apply for a regular Greenlandic permit/callsign. Other visitors keep their home call sign and add the prefix OX3. If you have a Danish or foreign permit, you can have it transferred. The present charge for issuing a permit is 175,00 Dkr. and the annual fee is 125,00 Dkr. which will be reduced for any portion of a year.

For additional information on operating in Greenland, contact the IARU Member Society.

Guantanamo Bay (KG4)

Harry "Ed" Chamberlain KG4HC, stationed on Guantanamo Bay until 1983, developed these procedures necessary to obtain operating permission from KG4:

First, the applicant should be invited to the Bay. Invitations are extended by members of the Guantanamo Amateur Radio Club. You should write to the president of the club at this address:

Guantanamo Amateur Radio Club
Box 73
FPO New York 09593

Once your invitation is confirmed, write a check for $300 made payable to the Treasury of the United States and mail it to the president of the FARC. He, in turn, will send you the necessary airplane tickets and luggage tags. All flights to the Bay are via cargo type aircraft configured for passengers on a wait basis, originating in Norfolk, VA.

Once on base, you apply to the licensing authority, and a license is issued immediately provided that you have the original license and proof of citizenship. In all, the time required for processing your invitation and tickets is approximately 3 months. Your accommodations are the home of GARC station, KG4AN

Copies of the base amateur regulations are available from:

Communications Officer
US Naval Base
Box 12
FPO New York 09593

Guatemala (TG)

The Republic of Guatemala holds a reciprocal and third-party traffic agreements with the United States.

There is no fee for the permit.

The IARU member-society is:


Club de Radioaficionados de Guatemala (CRAG)

Line supplies are 120/240 VAC, 60 Hz.

Guatemala maintains an embassy in the United States. Their address is:

2220 R Street NW
Washington, DC 20008
tel: 202-332-2865

The following English speaking amateur can provide professional legal services.

Fred M. Battle R., TG9BJ
P.O. Box 1749, Guatamala City
Tel: 313795/321985


Guinea (3X)

Guinea does not hold a reciprocal operating or third party traffic agreement with the United States. There is no amateur radio society established by 3X amateurs, who are all temporary residents from foreign countries. Therefore, we have little information on this country. Please send inquiries directly to the licensing administration, which is:

Ministere des Postes et Telecommunications

Guinea-Bissau (J5)

Inquiries as to the possibility to operate an amateur radio station and how to obtain such permission  may be found at


Guyana (8R)

February, 2006

With the exception of a Ham Licensed in United States of America or Trinidad & Tobago, persons requiring a license to be an Amateur operator in Guyana needs to sit and pass an examination. Exams are set for three (3) different levels to correspond with the three (3) classes of amateur license, namely: -

1) Technician
2) General
3) Extra

The application process is initiated by the completion and submission (original hard copy) of an Amateur Radio license application form. A processing fee of G$500. is charged.

For your convenience, please find a copy of the form attached.

Regarding the temporary importation of equipment into the country, you need to do the following:

  • fill out an application for an "Import License" and along with the Customs Entry documents, submit same to our agency for a "no objection to importation" stamp. (Form can be obtained at local stationery store or the Ministry of Tourism and Industry Commerce)
  • Submit stamped form to the Ministry of Tourism, Industry & Commerce for processing.
  • Take processed form back to the Customs & Excise Department, Guyana Revenue Authority.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you need any further information.


Valmikki Singh
Managing Director

Haiti (HH)

Haiti has entered into a reciprocal operating agreement with both Canada and the United States. Depending on the length of your stay, either a temporary or a permanent permit will be issued to you. A temporary permit is valid for 3 months. A permanent permit is valid for a full year and will be automatically renewed at the beginning of each fiscal year. A permanent permit is not issued unless proof is given that the applicant is a permanent resident of Haiti or is bound to make frequent trips to Haiti either for business of for leisure.

Two application forms SP 111 and SP 111b are required. Send the completed forms, a copy of your license and two passport photographs to:

Conseil National Des Telecommunications (CONATEL)
16 Avenue Marie-Jeanne
P.O.Box 2002

Additional information about Amateur Radio in Haiti is available from the IARU Society, Radio Club d'Haiti [RCH]

Hungary (HA, HG)

FROM: Mike Lonneke, HA/W0YR, Budapest
TO: ARRL Foreign Licensing Info
RE: Modifications in the information for HUNGARY.
Date: April 29, 1998

I live and work in Hungary and have had a license here since April of 1996. It is not difficult for a foreign amateur to obtain a license here. There is no reciprocal licensing with the U.S. We hope the CEPT agreement will kick in soon.

Here is the text of the letter I have used to obtain and renew my HA license. The license period is 90 days and it can be renewed with another letter of application.

Mr. Gyula Regaly
Radioszolgalatok Osztalya
Hirkozlesi Fofelugyelet
H-1133 Budapest
Visegradi u. 100.

   Dear Sir,

I respectfully request that you issue to me a temporary license for the operation of an Amateur Radio station during my visit to Hungary.

I attach a copy of my present USA Amateur Radio license and a copy of my USA passport identification page.


During my stay in Hungary, the following information will apply:

Settlement: (address in Hungary)

Telephone at Settlement:

Date of Arrival:

Date of Departure:

Transceiver Manufacturer/Model:


I attach a tax stamp for HUF 1000.

Please post the license to the address below.



The license requires a 1000 forint tax stamp to be supplied with the letter of application.


At this writing (May 1, 1998) 1,000 forints is around $5 USD. If you will send me a check for $6.50 with a self addressed envelope (no stamp), I will get a tax stamp and return it to you by air mail. The mail takes at least 10 days each way so give yourself about two months leeway. Of course you can always wait until you get here and go buy a tax stamp at a post office, then try to find the licensing office and take the stamp there and pick up your license.

Mail check for USD $6.50 and self-addressed envelope (no stamp) to:

Mike Lonneke
c/o Juventus Radio
Pf. 777
1437 Budapest

Do NOT send cash!!

Mike Lonneke

For additional information contact the Hungary IARU Society.


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