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Operating Permit Information

East Timor (4W)
National Communications Authority of Timor-Leste, formally Autoridade Nacional de Comunicações (ANC) is the statutory authority since 2012. The contact information is:
Autoridade Nacional de Comunicacoes (ANC)
Ground floor, Telecom Building
Avenida Xavier do Amaral No. 8
Caicoli, Dili, Timor-Leste
The application is found at:
The instructions are found at:

Ecuador (HC)
The Guayaquil Radio Club is quite helpful in working with those wishing to obtain reciprocal operating authority. Their Facebook Page is found at and their website is found at

Egypt (SU)
The Egyptian Radio Amateurs Society For Development (ERASD), the IARU member society, Facebook page is It does not appear they allow reciprocity for visitors but may allow those with green cards or more permanent status to operate. Use their website or Facebook page to make inquiries.

Eritrea (E3)
At this time we do not have reliable information on amateur radio reciprocal opportunities in Eritrea.

Equitorial Guinea (3C)
Recent operations have dealt with the Director General for Communications and New Technologies in the Ministry for Transport, Postal Service and Telecommunications, The listing of officials is found at Licenses for recent operations were applied for in person and took several days and steps to obtain, even with significant background work well before arriving. We suggest you contact the Director General’s office months in advance to lay the groundwork.

Estonia (ES)
The national society website is and Estonia participates in CEPT.

Eswatini (3DA) (formerly Swaziland)
While there is a bilateral agreement between Eswatini and the US, We do not have details on how to implement it. You might try contacting Vincent Molloy 3DA0VV, which is listed as the president of the national IARU society - Radio Society of Eswatini [RSE] - at

Ethiopia (ET)
The Ethiopian Amateur Radio Society has a web presence on Facebook. For information on licensing contact them at

Falkland (VP8)
Application Link:
Amateur Radio terms and conditions:

Faroe Islands (OY)
Faroe Islands participate in CEPT through its ties to Denmark.

Federated States of Micronesia (V6)
License Requirements:

Fiji (3D2)

French Guiana (FY)
French Guiana has reciprocity with the US through a separate bilateral treaty, You are encouraged to contact the Radio Amateur Club de Kourou (contest station FY5KE) for more specific details. Their website is

French Polynesia (FO)
Information is found at
French Polynesia participates in CEPT through its ties to France. However short or long term visitors need to ready the above. You will also need to file an application for permission to import equipment, found at:
Don’t overlook this step because without this permission your equipment will not clear customs.

Gabon (TR)
The President of the Association Gabonaise des Radio-Amateurs, the national IARU member society for Gabon is Alain TR8CA whose contact emails is

The Gambia (C5)
The Public Utilities Regulatory Authority (PURA) is the national regulator and has a webpage for Amateur Radio set up at However the link for downloading rules and application does not appear to be operations. Their contact email is

Germany (DL)
For visitors, Germany is a participant in CEPT.

Germany (US Military Personnel under SOFA)
US Military, Civilians and Their Dependants Under the Jurisdiction of the US Status Of Forces Agreement (SOFA) APPLIES ONLY TO US MILITARY OR AUTHORIZED CIVILIANS UNDER SOFA.
SOFA Application
SOFA Instructions

Georgia (4L)
The Radio Amateur of Georgia 4L maintain a Facebook page at which shows a contact email address for the society of

Ghana (9G)
Regulator website:
Application for Licensing in Ghana:
Email enquiries to: or

Gibraltar (ZB2)
Gibraltar is not part of CEPT, and the authorities do not issue reciprocal licenses for HF operation. Reciprocal operating permits for VHF are issued free on application to the Gibraltar Regulatory Authority. You must hold a license from a country which has a reciprocal agreement. Importing radio equipment without a Gibraltar license is illegal.

Greece (SV)
Greece is a full participant in CEPT. However, this reciprocity does not allow for operation from Mt. Athos (SV/a). See also:

Greenland (OX)
Greenland participates in CEPT through its ties to Denmark.

Grenada (J3)
Grenada has a reciprocal agreement with the US, but you still must make application. See for details.

Guantanamo Bay (KG4)
Licensing for Guantanamo Bay is handled through the Visiting Protocols and Guest Operating regulations found at:
While it is US territory, licensing and operations are under the jurisdiction of the Base authorities.

Guinea (3X)
Guinea does not hold a reciprocal operating or third party traffic agreement with the United States. There is no amateur radio society established by 3X amateurs. Several DXpeditions have operated from here so it may be possible to make arrangements. The contact webpage for the government telecommunications ministry is at

Guyana (8R)
Amateur radio is regulated by the Guyana Tourism Authority (GTA), operating under the Ministry of Business. There is a bilateral agreement between the US and Guyana. For information use the form found at

Honduras (HR)
The US has a bilateral reciprocal agreement with Honduras. We recommend reaching out to the IARU National Society – the Radio Club de Honduras – at for more detailed information on operating within Honduras.

Hong Kong (VR2)
Complete information on licensing, equipment and rules will be found at:


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