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The United States does hold a reciprocal agreement and a third-party traffic agreement with Paraguay. Contact the IARU Society:

Radio Club Paraguayo (RCP)
The RCP's web page address is:
The club now has an e-mail address too which is:

Peru (OA-OC)

The Republic of Peru has entered into a reciprocal operating agreement as well as a third-party traffic agreement with the United States and Canada.

Write at least 40 days prior to your planned operation to our sister society requesting their assistance for you to obtain an operating permit. RCP mediates between applicants and the Ministry of Transports and Communications for smooth issuance of permits.

Write to: 

Radio Club Peruano (RCP)

Your letter must contain the following information: 

  • Your full name.
  • Your date of birth.
  • The issuing country of your license.
  • The callsign of your license.
  • The expiration of your license.
  • Your nationality if different from that of your license.
  • Your home address in the US or Canada.
  • Your current mailing address if different from your home address.
  • The dates of your planned stay in Peru.
  • Your address in Peru if known.
  • The equipment you plan to use.
  • Any other information which you feel might be helpful.
  • A photocopy of your license.
  • Three 1" × 3/4" photographs of you.
  • Your signed oath that the information given above is true and correct.

The Peruvian Embassy in the United States is at 1700 Massachusetts Ave. NW, Washington, DC 20036 (Tel: 202-833-9860).

Pitcairn Island (VR6)

We do not have detailed information or application forms for operation in Pitcairn. Please send inquiries to: and


Russia (UA-UI, RA-RZ)

Subject: Re: US radios into Russia

November 12, 2003

Thanks to Roman Thomas for this information:

The only document I have found in the web enclosed to this message. One of telephone number where is English speaking staff is (095)2387331. Really, I think, it takes 2 months to get license in Russia. May be this situation could become the reason to start our work for reciprocal agreement between USA and Russia.

73'Roman Thomas,RZ3AA.

National Amateur Radio society:
Soyuz Radiolyubitelei Rossii [SRR] , Russian Amateur Radio Union
Address: P.O. Box 88, Moscow 119311
Tel: +7 (095) 4854755 <HQ>
Fax: +7 (095) 4854981 <HQ>
Email: <HQ>, <RZ3AA>, <RA4AR>
President: Roman Thomas, RZ3AA
Secretary: Yuri Malyuk, RA4AR
IARU liaison: President

The Russian IARU society is: 

Soyuz Radiolyubitelei Rossii [SRR]


Rwanda (9X)

The Republic of Rwanda has not entered into a reciprocal or a third party traffic agreement with the United States. It seems, however, that alien amateurs can be licensed if they are residents of the country. Please send inquiries directly to the administration, which is:

Ministere des Postes et des Communications
B.P. 720, Kigali 

Sao Tome and Principe (S9)

We don't have much information. To obtain information contact the licensing administration:

Mr. F.J. Paquete DaCosta
12 DeJulio
Caixa Postal, Sao Tome
Phone: 011 239 12 22226
Fax: 011 239 12 22500

Serbia and Montenegro (YT-YU,YZ)

Complete and mail the following application, a photocopy of your license, and a US money order for $30 to:

Savezna uprava za radio-veze
Terazije No. 41
YU 11000 Beograd

If you need further assistance you may want to contact:

Mr Dragan Lukic, in our Federal administration on phone number ++ 381 64 119 02 50. 

Or the IARU Member Society.

Welcome in Serbia!
Best regards from Beograd
Srecko Moric "Fex", YU1DX
Secretary General of SRSCG

Sierra Leone (9L)

As of fall 1994 the political situation in Sierra Leone is tenuous. The current government does honor the reciprocal operating agreement with the U.S. According to Cassandra Davies, 9L1YL, who is the licensing coordinator for Sierra Leone, you should apply well in advance of arriving, but actual permission to operate will not be concluded until you arrive in country.

A formal letter of application should be made. In the letter, request a license under reciprocity. A letter attesting to your character signed by the chief of police or your clergy will probably help expedite things. Make primary application to:

Managing Director
Sierra Leone National Telecom Co.
PO Box 15
Freetown, Sierra Leone

 Send a copy of the entire packet to:

Permanent Secretary
Dept. of Transport and Communication
Ministerial Building
George St.
Freetown, Sierra Leone

Temporary visitors will be permitted to operate as 9L#/your call. The '#' will be the call area you are operating from.

Permanent (9L) calls are being issued onto to nationals and persons who will be residing for over a year.

Power: 220 VAC, 50 Hz. Available in Freetown. Spotty at best. Some hotels have their own generators.

For more information about Amateur Radio in Sierra Leone, contact the IARU Member Society.

Slovak Republic (OM)

June 15, 1993
SARA -- Slovak Amateur Radio Association, a Region 1 IARU Member Society, unites 850 licensed Amateur Radio Operators. Total membership (including SWLs) is 1420.

SARA Official Amateur Radio Station OM3KAB in Bratislava, broadcasts the Amateur Radio News Bulletin (in Slovak) on Thursdays at 1700 local time on 3765 kHz and via the local FM repeater OK0V on 145.600 MHz.

SARA Packet Radio Node and BBS, OK0NV (FlexNet) and OK0PBA (DieBox), are operative from Bratislava-Kamzik, on user frequency 144.575 MHz. The node is linked to the adjacent (OE/DL <&endash;> Eu) FlexNet system.

Foreigners planning to transmit from Slovakia (call sign OM9xxx) should make their applications (in English or German to:

Telekomunikacny Urad SR
(povol’ovanie radiostanic)
Jarosova 1
830 08 Bratislava

The application must include:

  • Application with full address (in Slovakia where are you going to transmit from (e.g. an address of a Slovak Amateur Radio operator you are going to visit).
  • A copy of your Amateur Radio license.
  • Receipt of sent 200 Sk (Slovak koruna; present rate $1 U.S.=28Sk) which must be sent to the following account: NOTE: The bank name and account number must be obtained from SARA.

St. Helena (ZD7); Ascension Island (ZD8)

Thanks to Sanford K. Smith, N7PIB for this information.

February 25, 1992

St. Helena: Apply for a license to the Legal & Lands Dept., Essex House, Jamestown, St. Helena. The officer in charge is Alan H. Nicholls. You will need to produce a copy of one’s local license and the cost is 15 St. Helena pounds. I have included a copy of the form that needs to be submitted. There is a power limit of 100 watts. If one applies in person, the license can be issued in about 2 hours, and the operator may choose any available call sign.

Ascension: The exact same form is used as on St. Helena. The operator applies to the Office of the Island Administrator with the form and a copy of one’s local license. The license is issued on the spot for 16.50 British pounds sterling. The operator has the choice of whatever callsigns are available. There is an Amateur Radio club on Ascension with a fully equipped radio shack that may be used by visiting amateurs. Getting permission to land and/or stay on Ascension is very difficult.

In both cases the officials and resident amateur population were very helpful.


St. Kitts (V4)

All permits are effective on January 1 and expire on December 31. Fees are paid to the Comptroller of Island Revenue ($75EC). Sign the application form, initial the Conditions and send everything to:

The address of the licensing office is now:

Sonia Hamilton
National Communications Regulatory Commission PO Box 1958 Corner Wigley Avenue and Jones Street Fort Land Basseterre St. Kitts, West Indies

Phone: (869)-466-6872

Besides the application form you need to send two International money


1) for 50 EC$ in favor of the Comptroller of Internal Revenue and
2) for 25 EC$ in favor of the National Communications Regulatory Commission

for a total of EC$ 75.

Additional notes:

1) Enclose a copy of your current US license and a photo ID with the application

2) The application takes about 6 weeks to process if you send International Money Orders or about 2 weeks if you send cash

3) The exchange rate to use is $2.67EC=$1US


St. Vincent (J8)

Updated May 10, 2004

Thanks to Mr. Apollo Knights, Director of Telecommunications, National Telecommunications Regulatory Commission, St.Vincent and the Grenadines for the following information.

St. Vincent and the Grenadines has entered into a reciprocal licensing/operating agreement with the United States.

Procedures to be followed in order to obtain permission to operate amateur radio equipment in St.Vincent and the Grenadines by visitors.

  •  Visit our website go to the applications section, print copy of amateur radio licence form which is the first form under the Class Licences section. 
  • Fill out form and forward to the
  • - the address for the license application is:

    National Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (NTRC)

    National Insurance Services Building, 2nd floor

    Upper Bay Street


  • with required documents (as listed on application form) and International Money order in the amount $50.00 EC (East Caribbean currency) or $20.00 US (US currency) payable to the NTRC. This fee covers the application process. There are no licence fees.

  • Application can be downloaded here.

  • If all documents are in order the NTRC will issue a temporary call sign certificate which allows the visitor to operate in St.Vincent and the Grenadines for the duration of his/her visit. 
  • The NTRC will also issue a letter which will allow easy processing of the radio equipment through our Customs. 
  • Depending on the timeframe involved the NTRC will mail the certificate and letter to the visitor prior to arrival. However, if the timeframe is short we will fax copies and still mail the originals or the visitor can collect the originals upon arrival. 
  • For any other questions we will be pleased to respond to your e-mails which can be send to


Suriname (PZ)

There is a reciprocal operating agreement between the United States and Suriname. First, you must obtain a general information sheet from the Suriname IARU society.

Date: Sun, 30 Mar 2003 20:22:12 +0100 From: Johan Willemsen

Last year I have been operating from Surinam as PZ5PI and I have some information concerning my license experiences there.

Obtaining a license through the local IARU member, as indicated on the website, did not go well.

I started the paperwork 4 months prior to arrival and when I left for Paramaribo I still did not have my license, although I had called the local IARU president at his house for about 15 times.

Anyway, this is the way to do it:

Sent a written application with a copy of your license and all details concerning your stay, with exact address in Surinam (this is very important, address of hotel for example). You may also ask for a specific call.

The application has to be sent to:

Directeur Telesur Bureau Radio
Controle en Monitoring Cultuurtuin
Paramaribo SURINAME
Phone: Paramaribo 545022

Make sure that they sent you the license before you go to Paramaribo, Paramaribo airport is not the place where you want to get into trouble and it is not advisable to go there without the proper paperwork.

The department Radio Controle en Monitoring can be reached by phone: Paramaribo 545022.

The manager there was Mr. Boedha, he was a very helpful person, and it might be a good idea to contact this department before sending the paperwork.

I hope this information is useful for you,


Johan Willemsen PA3EXX


Swaziland (3DA)

The Kingdom of Swaziland shares a third-party traffic agreement with the United States. It does not, however, have a reciprocal operating agreement with the U.S.

Inquiries should be sent to:


For more information contact the Swaziland IARU Society.

Syria (YK)

Amateurs from countries which share a reciprocal operating agreement with Syria (the US doesn't) can obtain a operating permissionfairly easily. Foreign amateurs can get a license to operate Amateur Radio in Syria if there is a mutual agreement between the Syrian government and the other government. When such an agreement exists, the foreign radio amateur should apply to TIR sending a copy of his amateur license and a photocopy of his passport. TIR will then follow up on the matter with the Syrian Telecommunication Establishment (STE) for issuing a provisional license.

The licensed foreign amateur will then be allowed to operate at the club station of TIR. Organizers of DXpeditions may be licensed as a group. Apply to:

Technical Institute of Radio
P.O. Box 245 Damascus
Phone: (+963 11) 311 4540/ 612 1279/ 231 8796
Fax: (+963 11) 311 4540


Togo (5V)

January 7, 2004
Thanks to Pascal - F5JSD for the following information:

I would like to update you on licensing in Togo.
I just went through the whole process as I will be part of the 5V7C team in March 2004

Inquiries should be sent to

Autorité de Régulation des Télécommunications (ARTP)
Immeuble BTCI

For the attention of Mr Modena Awandi

e-mail or

License fee (including setup charge) is 53 Euros, this is an easy process
They only seem to speak French

Best 73 de Pascal - F5JSD

Tokelau Islands (ZK3)

The provisions of the reciprocal operating agreement between New Zealand and the United States do not extend to this NZ Trust Territory.

This does not mean, however, that it is always impossible for a US amateur to obtain authorization to operate there. Please send an inquiry to the following:


Trinstan Da Cunha (ZD9)

This British overseas territory has its own set of radio regulations;

Inquiries should be sent to:



Tunisia (3V)

The Republic of Tunisia has not entered into a reciprocal operating agreement with the Unites States. Neither do we know of any US amateurs who have gotten permission to operate from this country in the last two decades: all operations by aliens have been conducted by those from France, West Germany and Italy.

Inquiries should be sent to:


Turkey (TA)


We have been frequently asked by visitors about operating and customs procedures.

The matter has been clarified after the efforts of TA3J & TA3YJ.

I would advise to make this file available with the attached information for download access. Every visitor should carry a printout of this information, which contains the reference number of the customs circulation letter at the last row.



view/print as a text file


As it is mentioned of the letters written by Republic Of Turkey Prime Ministry Undersecretariat of Customs and Republic Of Turkey Telecommunications Authority; if radio amateurs visit Turkey for less than three months, in accordance with Recommendation CEPT T/R 61-/01, they can show their own licence at customs, with no need to prepare any paperwork for their transmitters and equipment.

If they want to stay in Turkey for more than three months, they can get by application a special callsign, valid for one year, from Republic Of Turkey Telecommunications Authority Regional Directorates.

The Undersecretariat of Customs has sent the circular of 15.03.02 (05481) with number B.02.1.GUM. to all its regional directories in this matter.

Please carry a copy of this information with you. A reference in turkish language is attached in the following column.


view/print as a text file

Turkmenistan (EZ)

The only information that we have on file is the name and address of their IARU member society. That is: 

Liga Radiolyubiteley Turkmenistana

At this time the United States does not share a reciprocal agreement or a third-party traffic agreement with that country.


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